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  • Chronicles of Tamriel - Elde Scrolls Online
  • Great Tyrian Adventure - Guild Wars 2
  • Telara Saga - Rift
  • Battle for Badlands - Warhammer Online
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Ban Seaimpin de na Iomproidh Corcra


Ban Seaimpin de na Iomproidh Corcra

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  • Battle Recap:

    Looks like I can't add a co-leader at this point, so making one more event without the completion bonus to give credit to Thora / Cairyss for her help in communicating with me over raidcall. Sorry that it got split into two groups and maybe wasn't as perfectly organized as I'd hope, but I am so very happy everyone finished, got to see the content, and maybe had a good time besides!
  • Battle Recap:

    Sometimes lightning strikes twice, and sometimes three times! The stars were aligned and all 3 dragons spawned very close to one another. Sorry I don't have a book yet, and thank you to all for positive participation and looking out for one another...
  • Legend:
    Who or what is a pamcake?
    Pamcakes and her faithful boar, Syrup, can be found roaming the calmer areas of Telara, in search of further adventures.
  • Legend:
    Paint me a future of Telara's beauty
    Some elves have everything going for them. So did I, until it was all taken away. The forest burned as my sisters screamed, for the home we once had and their purity now lost. We could not innocently live with our heads inside the treeline. I used to teach the villagers how to paint...