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Join the Gaiscioch / Tuatha Community!

We're glad to see your interested in joining the community! Before we let you in and make your membership official, you will need to gain the Secret Word from one of our members, by contacting Foghladha, or by clicking the Request to Join button below. Once you have this word you will use it to validate your request to join the community.

Before you join there are a few things we must relay to you so that you know what to expect from our community. With more than a decade of history and reputation to protect it is imperative that you abide by these rules and etiquette guidelines. By placing the Secret Word into the box below you are verifying that you have read and agree to these terms and still desire to join. Please check the checkbox next to each item to verify that you have read and agree with them.

If you do not have the "Secret Word" please use the "Request to Join form.

Request to Join

If you have the "Secret Word" proceed through the steps below.

PLEASE NOTE: By law you must be over the age of 13 to proceed from this point.

Our House Rules:

Blades Out, Not In

An ancient Celtic family rule which states that one member of the family shall not turn their blade on their family. Hate and Rage are to be pointed outwardly at the foes invading our lands. Love and Companionship are to be pointed inward at the family. Attacking a member of the family can result in dismissal and will be dealt with swiftly by each family leader.

I acknowledge this rule and swear to uphold it.

The Gaiscioch Credo


I will honor the community by acting in a manner that speaks of our kindness, I will refrain from activities that would dishonor the community, and I will honor the requests of the community elders. I will fight my opponents with honor, giving them a fair fight. I will not spawn camp, grief, cheat, or harass my allies or foes. I will encourage them to fight and win my battles with the highest of honors.


I will respect those around me both within the community and outside, I will act in a manner which speaks of our benevolence and kindness, and I will not disrespect the community by engaging in spiteful comments or actions even when provoked.


I will hold our community's integrity close to heart and I realize that my actions directly affect that of the whole community. I will say what I do, and do what I say. I will not fall back on promises or make false claims.


I will meet others with open arms and welcome those who cross our path. I will act in a welcoming way and ensure that those who participate in our events feel welcome whether they are part of the community or not. I will allow my actions to speak of our character, and reserve my words for offering assistance.

I accept this credo and swear to abide by it.

Our Etiquette Guideline:

Think We Not Me (Push vs Pull)

When asking for help from the Community try to avoid wording your request as such that you are asking someone to do the work for you. A statement such as "Can someone help me with this quest?" is a request, it pushes your objective on others, however a by rewording your statement to "I am organizing a group for this quest, If you are interested let me know." you create an invitation, which pulls members of similar interest to you. Both mean the exact same thing however one expresses that you are looking out for your community and not just for yourself. This in turn will encourage shared adventures. After all, a community is not about you or I, it's about us.

Play How You Want, When You Want, As Long As You Want

Our community is a casual gaming community and with this we do not tell people how to play, when to play, or how long to play. Our members are free to come and go as they please without the fear of exile or grudges being bore. They can play as much or as little as they like.

Conversation & Voice Communication

The synergy of a community can turn ugly at any moment. Conversation within the community needs to have clear boundaries to prevent bad blood and hostile attitudes from forming. We ask that all members keep the voice comm and community chat child safe at all times. We have a lot of families that game together and we do not wish to cause heartache.

In addition please refrain from discussing religion, politics, and other heated debate prone topics. We do not need unnecessary divides within the community. Trolling is strictly forbidden and falls under the "Blades Out, Not In" Rule and will result in removal from the community.

Using Community Efforts For Self Profit

Please do not use the Marketplace, or Family Vault to fund your gaming experience. We do not seek profits from within the family and at no time should you claim the work of others to turn a profit. This is also considered part of the "Blades Out, Not In"

I understand these guidelines and will follow them.

Our Policies

Website Usage & Inactivity Policy

The Gaiscioch Family is a multi-guild organization tied together by their family home aka the website. To maintain active membership in game you must remain active on this website. Anyone that does not log into the website in 45 days may be removed from the active roster until they relog into the website. Due to roster limitations, game limitations, and the lack of the ability to know when the last time users logged into game this is the only way we can keep our roster filled with the most active members.

This however does not effect your membership in the family. If you find yourself removed simply relog into the website and an invite will be resent at the next available moment. Think of it as a family AFK flag. All of our events, discussions, news, and core systems are part of this website so not using it will highly hinder your ability to enjoy being a part of the family.

Multi-Guild Membership

The Gaiscioch Family welcomes you to take part in other guilds and communities on our server. Our focus is on Community and as such we encourage all members to be active in communities. Feel free to explore other guilds, events, gameplay styles. Your membership with us will not be affected.

Guild Wars 2 Representation Policy

Only members of the Sanctum of Rall Server will be able to represent Gaiscioch in World vs World. Gaiscioch na Rall and Sanctum of Rall are tributes to Roger "Oldroar" Rall, a fallen member of Gaiscioch. It would be disrespectful to his memory to represent our tribute on another server. While in World vs World on other servers please refrain from representing GSCH.

I understand these policies and will follow them.

If you agree with ALL of the items above please enter the "Secret Word" into the text box below. By doing so you agree to these terms and will be welcomed into the official ranks of our community.

Secret Word