The Battle For Badlands

Prepare For WAR!

The Battle for Badlands is upon us. Grab your swords, axes, bows and spellbooks and head to the battlefield in the Badlands Server community driven public oRvR event hosted by the Gaiscioch Family. Join your brothers and sisters in arms and rise up against the foreign invaders. Clash swords with warriors of the old while meeting others who are just beginning their adventure. As the battles commence we will be posting highlights, and battle recaps as they are made available.

Season 3: Final Score

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Season 3: Awards

100 Gold Prize For Top Warlords
50 Gold Prize For Top Warrior
Halls of Honor Prize For Top Guild

Your Host The Gaiscioch Family

The Gaiscioch FamilyThe Battle for Badlands is hosted by the Gaiscioch (Gosh-Kia) Family. Gaiscioch is the Gaelic word for 'Divine Warriors' and is taken from the Irish book Lebor Gabala Erenn, the oldest text found on Irish soil. The Gaiscioch were the protectors of the Celt gods. In game we are a heavy oRvR, Low RP family. We have no requirements, commitments, or expectations of our members and welcome everyone of all skill levels. We simply ask that you keep your blades out, not in. We never attack another member of the family. We are about having fun and making friends above all else. For more information about the Gaiscioch Family please visit our website or contact a member of the family in game.

Special Thanks!

We would like to send special thanks to all the Guilds, Alliances, and Players that have made Battle for Badlands a Success.

Watch the Official Trailer

Watch the Trailer

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Seasons: 3
Registered Participants: 1
Participating Guilds: 1
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The Battle For Badlands

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