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Gaiscioch Community News May, 2024

Gaiscioch News

  • Knitting Clubs Take Center Stage
    The Gaiscioch Testing team has been hard at work this month with 5 different active Knitting Clubs running concurrently. These Focus Group, Pre-Alpha Testing teams have helped game developers prepare their games for early access and beta launches for decades and continue to be called on by Game Developers. 
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  • Adjustments to the Chapter & Adventure Structure Moving Forward
    Over the past few years, we've seen games go from allowing hundreds of players to group together in guilds, to being limited into smaller and smaller clan sizes. Today, the average MMO Guild Roster doesn't even allow for more than 100 players. Some MMO's have gone as low as 30 people. To accommodate these changes in MMO standard design we've had to adapt and make adjustments to our Chapter structure to allow for smaller chapters that can ensure we survive the test of time and shifting design fundamentals in the current MMO space.
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Guild Wars 2 News

Conqueror's Blade News

New World News

  • New World Becomes a Legacy Chapter
    The population of our New World community has dwindled over the years and the latest season left most of us wondering what keeps us coming back. Most of our regulars have decided to explore other interests. Event attendance has been very poor for a while now and all the signs are there that it's time to put the chapter on hold for a bit while we wait for some improvements. 
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Adventure News

  • The Horizon Looks Bright for Gaiscioch This Fall
    We've had a few years since we saw any real groundbreaking games make their way to our shores. Most of our newer adventures have been revisiting older games in the hope of finding a few months of entertainment. Well upon the horizon we see three games that certainly will capture the attention of our community. Two of which have the potential to become a full chapter.
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  • Black Desert Continues to Grow
    A little over a month ago we decided to jump back into Black Desert and have found a lot of improvements that make playing a much more enjoyable experience. Between the $1 sale and Amazon Prime giving the game for free currently we've seen an influx of members.
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  • Blood Of Steel Continues to Struggle but Endures
    This game has tested our patience and perseverance and every time we think of throwing in the towel we find a reason to stay. We are now in our 3rd season and are continuing to make new friends as some of the long-time vets jump over to our community for some open-world rewards and camaraderie. 
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Memorable Events

  • Finished Sparkfly Fen and Started Mount Maelstrom
    When we finished the last heart in Sparkfly Fen we entered Mount Maelstrom through the portal at Darkweathe Waypoint. From there we stayed on the northern perimeter. These are the areas we did: Govoran Terraces - Govoran Waypoint, Evisomancer's Resort POI, and Criterion Waypoint Quandry Scratch: heart and New Skrittstead POI through to Bard's Waypoint Bard's Valley: Breth Ayahusasca POI, Valley of Gwaun POI Unguent Den: through to Gauntlet Waypoint and heart Infinite Coil Reactor: Crucible of Eternity Waypoint, 6 pois and Hero challenge Gauntlet Gulch: Vista Mosstide Walfts POI We just farmed down to Old Sledge Site Waypoint - DID NOT do anything in Sunken Droknah...
    » Read Full Story | By: GmaFog | 68 Reads | Recap of: Having Fun Doing World Completion on April 13th, 2024 at 7:22AM PDT

  • » Read Full Story | By: Yvaine | 0 Reads | Recap of: Un-Scheduled PvE Event on April 9th, 2024 at 2:35PM PDT