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Gaiscioch Community News December, 2023

Gaiscioch News

  • Gaiscioch Community Notes for December 2023
    Happy holidays everyone! We're closing in at the end of the year and have some things to celebrate. This year has certainly come with some bumps and bruises but together we managed to pull through. Looking forward, I see a bright future awaiting us in 2024 with lots of fun adventures waiting to be shared.
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  • Gaiscioch Community Conference 2023
    Join us for the 2023 edition of our Gaiscioch Community Conference where we discuss the games we've played, the achievements we've shared, and the road forward for our humble community. Join us on December 17th at 2 PM PT live on Twitch.
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  • 2023 G4EL Wrapup
    This year's G4EL event went as well as could be expected with the economic downturn, layoffs, and overall decline in population. Even still we managed to raise $1,778 for the Children’s Miracle Network. I feel we did a fantastic job with the cards we were dealt and look forward to giving it another go next year. 
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  • In Loving a Memory of Mewzical
    This past month we lost one of our Guild Wars 2 event regulars. Mewzical has been a regular personality in our weekly event lineup since 2018 and we have all grown to know and love her. She was an artist, a musician, and a natural-born explorer who couldn't follow the beaten path if she tried. She was eternally called to the wilds and often times one of us would be tasked with finding her and bringing her back to the herd. She simply couldn't help the call of the unexplored land.
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Guild Wars 2 News

  • First Major Update “Through the Veil” Has Launched
    In “Through the Veil,” three new story chapters will continue the adventure that began with the launch of Guild Wars 2: Secrets of the Obscure. You’ll pick up from where the launch story concluded and take your first brave steps into a new world—Nayos, the realm of dreams.
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Conqueror's Blade News

  • About Season 17… Yeah that Happened.
    Well, it was all going well until… This season started off gloriously. We fought in several battles and pulled off securing our corner. Got our fiefs to rank 7 before the end-game festivities began. Everything was primed are ready.
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New World News

  • Eternal Frost Launches December 12th
    The next major patch has been on PTR for most of November and is getting ready to deploy to the live servers. The drop is scheduled for December 12th and is looking like a pretty massive update.
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  • Foghladha Back in the Saddle in Late December
    As many of you know I've been battling New World for a while. From lengthy loading screens to the infamous white screen that required me to blow away my preferences I've been in a constant state of frustration when it came to New World. In November I passed the torch to Morgan while I tried to figure out this issue.
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Adventure News

  • Exploring the Mines of Moria with Gaiscioch
    We've been having a fantastic time building fortresses and exploring the depths of Moria. We have a whole lot of people playing together and welcome you to join our team of dwarves. We have a regular Sunday from 11-1 PM PT meetups and we welcome people to bring supplies with them when they join. Come join the fun!
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  • Join us in Blood of Steel an Action RTS MMORPG
    Looking for a relaxed game where you build up your base, train your units, and send them off to battle? Jump into any one of your commanders and take to the battlefield in 3rd person. This little game launched 7 years ago and recently gained a whole new game mode called Open World. 
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  • December 2023 Adventure Outlook
    This month we’ve a large selection of news that applies to the MMORPG and Cooperative scene. I'll take you through the good, the bad, the ugly, the road ahead and the strangest news over the month.
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