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Gaiscioch Community News January, 2022

Gaiscioch News

  • Progress Continues on New Game Sections
    This past month I've made some headway on the new game sections of the site. I'm hoping to have a little more time this next month to be able to get at least the core online. I can activate less important modules after the base is live. 
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  • 1st Quarter Gaiscioch Community Summit
    Check-in on the progress of the community at February's Gaiscioch Community Summit. Festivities kick off on Sunday, Feb. 6th at 3:00PM PST and typically run an hour. During this broadcast, you can learn more about the community, see where we are heading and check in on how our current lineup is doing. We'll also introduce you to some new titles you may not have heard of.  
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Guild Wars 2 News

Conqueror's Blade News

  • Hibernia Finishes in 2nd Place in Season 9
    Oftentimes players of Conqueror's Blade forget that there are 2 ways to play this game. One is a path of war, the other is a path of diplomacy. Gaiscioch historically has played the path of diplomacy.
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  • The Christmas Gnomes Strike Again
    Believe what you will, obviously Booming Games doesn't believe in the cute lil guys. But anyone that has worked in the development world knows there are 2 weeks you do not mess with. The week of Christmas and the week of New Year. The holiday gnomes are very protective of their time off and if you try to make them work they will tear your product to the ground and you'll spend your holidays working. 
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  • Gaiscioch & Hibernia in Season 10
    We've been waiting a long time for a Celt-themed season and the Viking one came closer, this one gets even closer. The Scots made up a large portion of the Gaelic tribes and many of their traditions were shared with the Irish. 
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New World News

  • 1st Quarter Summary - Merges, Bugs, & Fun
    It's been 3 months since New World Launched and we're still fairly active. Since launch we've taken control of First Light twice, held it for the majority of its life before being merged into other NA-East servers. Now we are on a quest to find a new home we can bring to life. 
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Adventure News

  • New Adventures on the Horizon
    With the Video Game Awards came a whole new wave of reveals and new game announcements. Here are a couple new MMO and Coop games that stood out among the crowd.
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