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Gaiscioch Community News October, 2022

Gaiscioch News

  • Join us for the 2022 Gaiscioch for Extra Life Livestream Event
    This year's Gaiscioch for Extra Life Charity Livestream Event is launching on Nov. 3rd at 11PM PT and will run through Nov 6th at 9PM PT. Get ready for 4 Days of raffles, games, and fun as we raise money for the Children's Miracle Network.
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  • Calling All Testers - Gaiscioch Pioneers Assemble!
    Have you ever wanted to be part of a game's early stage development? Gaiscioch has been approached to once again call upon its pioneer team that did such a wonderful job in Rift, Guild Wars 2, and Elder Scrolls Online to help a new studio out in bringing their MMORPG to life. 
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  • What's next for Gaiscioch? - Fall 2022 Edition
    For the longest time, our sights have been on Ashes of Creation as the next logical step. With it's massive world, dynamic events, city building and core systems that help drive community interaction. It has a lot of promise. That said it also has a dark cloud looming overhead in the form of always-on PvP. With that in place, I do not see our community maintaining our numbers for long.
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  • 2022 Gaiscioch Community Conference - Nov. 13th
    Every year to celebrate our birthday we host a Livestream to take a look back at the past year and highlight where we are heading in the future. Be sure not to miss this Annual event on November 13th at 3PM PT hosted live on Twitch.
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  • Discord Forums Have Arrived!
    The new forum feature in discord has arrived and I have begun creating new forum channels for games to allow people to post long-term discussions and guides in an easy-to-find location. Make use of tags to help group your posts in their related topic. Be sure to head over to our discord and check it out!
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Elder Scrolls Online News

  • The Conclusion of the Psijic Order Quest Adventure
    Over the past two months, we've been rotating between AvA and the Psijic Order quest line. As we approach the finish line we will be looking for another interesting and rewarding quest line to go after. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to leave them in this post. I look forward to continuing our exploration events through October leading up to our Extra Life Charity event in November.
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Guild Wars 2 News

  • Behold the Mad King!
    This past month we focused on the new players with the Steam launch but as October Approaches we'll be running a new player world boss tour on the second week of October, then a Mad King event for the fourth week of October. With the first and third weeks focused in WvW. Join us for some fun and unlock those 20-slot bags with those candy corns.
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Conqueror's Blade News

  • The War Report Gets Some Upgrades!
    For the past 7 seasons, I've run the post-territory wars news show called the War Report. It has led to our Twitch Viewer numbers pushing past 1,000 and has grown to almost 2,500 since I began. People from our server tune in after every war as I analyze the data and give a forecast of what is to come. 
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  • Hibernia Digs in For the Long Haul in Season 13
    This season we've returned to the Regionopolis Island in Anadolou and aim to hold it for the duration of the season. We've got a tremendous head start in our upgrading of fiefs and are looking to have one of our best building seasons to date if we can prevent the mighty legion and other houses from taking our lands.
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New World News

  • October Update Brings New Land to Explore and a new Weapon
    For those of you looking for a reason to return, the October patch is giving you a good one. With so many improvements over the past year and this new region and weapon making their way into the game, there's no time like the present to come back and see the difference. Travel is cheap and easy, storage is expansive and easy to get to, expeditions are easier than ever to find a group, and hundreds of additional quality of life changes have been made.
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Adventure News

  • New Adventures Hot and Cold
    This summer to fall season we have seen dozens of new games hit the market and few have managed to garner the attention of our community for long. While some serve as temporary distractions a real attention getter is hard to find. Let's go through our list and I'll share with you where we are at with each.
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  • Gaiscioch October Adventures
    This month we will be keeping our adventures going in Gloria Victis, New World, and Conqueror's Blade while rotating in Shatterline on Monday and Warlanders on Thursday. Here's an outline of what we have in store. Each of these adventures will be broadcast on for those who are curious what the game is all about.
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Memorable Events

  • Great time
    It was a great time with Sindarin in his event. He found us rich mining nodes and farmed other things on the way. By the end of our trip my bags were full of crafting material. Thanks for the great Run! The event is a good one for people that just want to get together and farm...
    » Read Full Story | By: GmaFog | 31 Reads | Recap of: Sindarin's Hammer and Anvil - Crafting on September 26th, 2022 at 5:13PM PDT
  • WOW
    I've never seen us get that far in harvest temple, nice job everyone thou we didn't finish it we got close. Overall fun runs. Thank you.
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  • Where we went today!
    This week in Gma’s event, she went to the areas below: Started at Gororan Waypoint and stayed on northern perimeter Evisomancer’s Resort POI Quadri Scratch - Poi - New Skrittstead and heart Bard’s Valley - Bard’s Waypoint, Breth Ayahusasca POI & Valley of Gwaun POI Broken Arrow River - Broken Arrow Waypoint, the heart and Moonlight Rill POI Went by Urguent Den to Gauntlet Gulch - Gauntlet WayPoint, Heart, Gallant’s Folly POI and Mosstie Wlafts POI...
    » Read Full Story | By: GmaFog | 52 Reads | Recap of: Having Fun Doing World Completion on September 3rd, 2022 at 7:47AM PDT