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Gaiscioch Community News June, 2022

Gaiscioch News

  • Don't Miss the Summer GamesFest June 9th
    Watch live as Geoff Keighley hosts a cross-industry showcase of what's next in gaming with huge new game announcements, world premieres, special guests, and much more. There are almost certainly going to be some big announcements regarding the MMORPG's were watching and playing.
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Elder Scrolls Online News

  • The Gaiscioch Banners March on Cyrodiil
    Join Foghladha Sunday mornings at 11AM PT on the Non-CP campaign for some AvA. Depending on group size we will go at it alone or follow the zerg. If you're looking to dip your feet into the AvA pool this is your opportunity.
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Guild Wars 2 News

  • Monday Events Head Back to WvW
    We've journeyed through the End of Dragons campaign together and had a great time doing so. But now it is time to head back to the battlefield to try out our new specializations. In June we will be moving to an alternating schedule again.
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Conqueror's Blade News

  • A Season For The History Books
    This season has by far been one of our most successful seasons to date. We began with a plan to establish our base in familiar lands and upgrade everything instead of relying on expansion. While villages proved more difficult than expected, our towns flourished. In the end, we completed the season upgrading 4 towns to level 7 and 1 town to level 8. This was the first rank 8 towns on Cloudwing Valley and a testament to our commitment to building an empire that's worth something.
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  • Season 12: Helheim Approaches
    The Viking season was one of our communities favorite seasons. The units were great, the wardrobe was awesome and we had a lot of fun on the battlefield. The second part of the Viking saga makes it's way to Conqueror's Blade with new units and gameplay on June 9th. Be sure to tune in on June 6th at 8:30AM PT for the Season 12 Preview Event on the official Conqueror's Blade Twitch Channel.
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New World News

  • Friday Night Family Night
    Join Gaiscioch on Friday Nights as we explore various content in New World. We will gather in the First Light tavern at 6PM PT to decide what the content of the night will be. We will be diving into expeditions when we're small, weapon skill grinding when we need some new weapon training, treasure hunting for our bumps and the occasional PvP outing to earn some PVP rewards. Our new world family has grown into a small little group of crafters, dungeon crawlers, and PvP titans. We might not be the massive size we were at launch but there is still plenty to do with Gaiscioch. Join us on Friday nights and get to know the family.
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Adventure News

  • V Rising Takes the Stage
    This new vampire-themed survival ARPG has finally landed into early access and has made quite the impression. With over a million copies sold it's well on its way to rivaling Valheim.
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  • Sneaky Little God Killer Flies In Under Radar
    So have you ever heard of the game Almighty: Kill Your God? Before last month neither had I. After discovering it on Steam early access, I gave it a try and found myself liking it a lot more than I imagined. After streaming it a bit a few friends jumped in. Then a few more. All of us who have played it have noticed a distinct pull towards it. This little game from nowhere has a lot of character and charm.
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Livestream News