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Gaiscioch Community News February, 2023

Gaiscioch News

  • In Loving Memory of Beardtounge
    It is with a heavy heart that I inform the community that our beloved Beardtongue has moved on to the next place on December 15th, 2022 after fighting COVID-19. His battles began in 2021 after he was diagnosed with Dementia and had been hospitalized since then. He was a tremendous member of our community and one of the only Laoch-ranked members in our membership. He will be missed dearly.
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  • 2023 Gaiscioch Community Summit & Conference Plan
    I've decided to shift our community conference schedule by 1 month. For the past 15 years, I've always tried to have it line up so the final session is on or around our birthday, however, the timing always falls poorly. 
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Elder Scrolls Online News

  • Elder Scrolls Online Goes Dark With Its Next Chapter Necrom
    Featuring 30 hours of all-new story content, the Necrom Chapter takes you into two weird-but-wonderful new zones. First, venture across the Telvanni Peninsula to discover more about the lore of the Dark Elves who call this part of Morrowind home. Then dive deep into the eldritch curiosities held within Apocrypha, the realm of Oblivion that the Daedric Prince of Knowledge claims as his own.
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Conqueror's Blade News

  • Season 14 Final Showdown
    We've got a few weeks left in season 14 and it's all coming down to one last final stand. We've surrounded ourselves with allies and are poised for a final showdown against the forces who have been hitting us all season long.
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  • North America Reunited on February 14th!
    Love is in the air and the two siblings that were separated in season 6 are finally made whole once again. While this means a wealth of new faces and activity in store we can also expect drastic changes in the future of our Territory Wars experience.
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New World News

  • Time to Return? Check out what's New!
    Many of you purchased New World early on and joined us as we launched with nearly 200 active members. The initial reception wasn't that great with many players becoming discouraged by problematic bugs, high costs, and stability issues. 
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Adventure News

  • Gaiscioch Ranks in Top 15 Guilds in Gloria Victis
    The official launch is rapidly approaching and Gaiscioch has started leaving its mark. Our Guild has grown to 23 active players and over the past few months have secured several vital properties including Dundrum Fort, Blackrock Castle, and The Lord's Wraiths Abbey. We've begun running siege groups and have been one of the top 5 major guilds in the Midlander Faction.
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  • Join Gaiscioch on February 8th for the Gloria Victis Launch party
    Come be a part of the Gloria Victis Launch celebration on February 8th at 5PM PT/8PM ET as we take our first-ever Gaiscioch Gloria Victis Community photo at our home base in Dunfen Fort. We will be forming up at the capital city of the Midlander Faction on the Aquilla Server.
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