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Gaiscioch Community News June, 2023

Gaiscioch News

  • Summertime 2023: What to Expect
    For those of you who recently joined us, you may notice that our community tends to do the opposite of most gaming communities. While typically summertime means more time to play games for the younger crowd, the older, more mature group now has kids that don't go to school, summer trips planned, and lots of outdoor adventures. 
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  • Summer 2023: Gaiscioch Community Summit
    Join us on Sunday, Jun. 25th at 3:00PM PDT for our second summit of the year. We've got a lot to cover and want to make sure everyone knows what is in store for our community this summer.
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  • Gaiscioch for Extra Life 2023: Hype-Train is Getting Warmed Up
    It's time to start preparing for this fall's Extra Life Charity Event which will be held from November 2-5th, 2023. Each year our community holds a massive 3-day event filled with cooperative and MMORPG events. At each event, you can earn raffle tickets to win games that have been donated to our loot vault. 
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  • Gaiscioch Discord Changes
    Over the past few months, several new features have been enabled on our discord making it even easier to get setup and going. Let's go over a few of the major improvements.
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Guild Wars 2 News

  • What Lies Within Launched
    The story of Guild Wars 2 continues with “What Lies Within”—a new update that’s free for owners of Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons™. After investigating troubling rumors surrounding Jade Brotherhood mining operations in “What Lies Beneath,” the commander and their allies must now push the crisis in Gyala Delve to its resolution, driving the ravenous wanderer that is plaguing the depths up to the surface and destroying it there.
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  • In Search of Epic Adventure with Foghladha
    Our Monday adventures have been full of exciting battles and wonderful experiences. This month we will be continuing our fam favorite bounty hunt, dragon hunt, and new player welcome party. Our fourth event this month takes us to the new What Lies Within region Gyala Delve as we work towards completing meta events and collecting treasures.
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Conqueror's Blade News

  • The Japanese Season is Here!
    While it's not the best timing for us it is exciting to see the Japanese theme finally make its way to Conqueror's Blade. Taking place over the summer months this epic new season brings with it 6 new units (3 Seasonal and 3 that can be acquired from other means), new a unit mastery system, new runes and epic armour sets and a new PvE mode.
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  • Hibernia Gears up in Season 16
    Get ready for the opening kickoff of Season 16: Sengoku with us. Let's take a look at what we have planned for this season.
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New World News

  • Season 2 Approaches in New World
    In the next week, we should see a major announcement about the next season of New World. With the current season concluding on June 6th it shouldn't be long until the new season takes center stage. Keep an eye on the official site for the announcement and join us in our New World Adventure for fun times in Aeternum.
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Adventure News

  • Welcome Diablo, Lord of Terror to the Main Stage
    After years of waiting for this new Action RPG to finally make it to release we are here. Gaiscioch will be forming up under the leadership of Kirial (Morgan) with the assistance of Mika, Izmina, and Pedro. All of our official information will be safely kept and readily available on our adventure page. We are expecting 30+ players for this adventure so if you're looking for a good time in Diablo IV look us up.
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  • Warband Roundup June 2023 - Active and Incoming
    Over the past few months, we've seen several games pop up with some warband activity. Let's quickly run through some of our latest budding adventures.
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