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Dark Age of Camelot (2001)


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The Gaiscioch Public Event Series

The Gaiscioch Family produces large scale public events for the MMO community on their server. From PvP oriented events to large scale PvE events, the Gaiscioch family has been producing fun and interactive events for nearly a decade. All of our events are open to the public and promoted on forums, blogs, news sources, and social media networks. Our goal is to provide players with a fun, friendly, and welcoming event series which allows players to learn about the game, meet new people, and socialize with others while doing it.

Elder Scrolls Online
Chronicles of Tamriel

The Chronicles of Tamriel began on April 19th 2018 and ran for 5-weeks as an experiment to see if a large community event would be viable in Elder Scrolls Online. Over the course of the 5 weeks, only 64 players participated. It was decided that a second season would not be viable as most of th content in Elder Scrolls Online is focused on small group play and the interest of the player base was not in large events. It was a really fun event and many of it's participants still join us today week after week for smaller scale activities.

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Guild Wars 2
The Great Tyrian Adventure

The Great Tyrian Adventure was launched in February of 2013 and has run for 4 seasons. More than 800 players have attended this public community event. In Season One it focused on a journey across Tyria completing meta events and discovering key locations. Season Two and Three focused on enabling all members of Guild Wars 2 the ability to participate and receive credit for the weekly guild missions. Season 4 looks to take on several of the major world bosses and hidden mini dungeons across Tyria.

Each season offers prizes for attendees and is livestreamed on and YouTube Gaming. All viewers and participants are eligible to win prizes. To date the Gaiscioch has awarded 14 Legendary Weapons and 12 Precursors along with hundreds of other prizes.

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The Telara Saga

The Telara Saga is an annual Community Driven Adventure across the world of Telara. The event is open to all and introduces new players to content, events, and communities within the Faeblight server. The Telara Saga has been seen on,, TenTonHammer, and on dozens of blogs across the internet. During the season finale of it's first season more than 800 players engaged in battle in front of Meridian, the Defiant Capital City.

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Warhammer Online
Battle for Badlands

The Battle For Badlands community driven public oRvR event pitted two forces against each other. Each week featured a new leader who would compete for territory against their foe. The event ran 3 seasons on the Badlands Server until meeting its demise with the launch of Warhammer Online 1.4. At it's height, toting a whopping 600+ participants, the Battle for Badlands was the most revered event on Warhammer Online and gained the attention of Warhammer Alliance,, Warhammer Vault, G4TV,, dozens of blogs, and even Mythic Entertainment.

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If you would like to know more about our public events, schedule an interview or appearance, or pitch an idea please feel free to contact us.