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Curadh de na Faolchu


Curadh de na Faolchu

Jonzac's Blog

August 13th, 2020

Back in the Saddle

It certainly has been awhile since my last post, but frankly a nice vacation in Cancun, Mexico far outweighs anything WAR has to offer. Sun, margaritas, old ruins, margaritas, family, margaritas, swimming, get the picture.

Played a little bit now that 1.4 is out and I'm not sure I like it at the T2 and T3 stages. I do like the new bracket levels for T2 and T3. I just could never strike a good balance between leveling my actual level to gain new abilities and leveling my renown and Warcamp influence. Now I've more time to level my RR and influence and I might actually get that last item from RvR T3.

1.4 seems....oddly implemented. By that I mean, the focus was to remove the zerg (or at least reduce it), promote small group skirmishes and remove the situation where one side or the other could dominate all three zones which effectively hindered the other side gaining any momentum to outst them. What I've seen lately swings TOO far in the other direction. (Remember, this is not T4...

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August 13th, 2020

War in Real Life

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More Content By Jonzac

  • Battle Recap:
    Most excellent Ted...Most Excellent Bill
    Another great night in T3 under a T3 siege night runs by The Gaiscioch Family. I started late on Saturday and quickly got into one of the two warbands we were hosting. I was in a Dwarf then Elf zone lock. Not much to say about those as most of Destro was in the other lands locking those down...
  • Battle Recap:
    T2 fun and excitement
    Finished another guild night, the T2 Seige Night run by the Gaiscioch Family. We are all still figuring out the best way to hold and complete in 1.4, and last night was no different. Personally, I feel that 1.4 has hurt the ability of a smaller force to hold out against the odds...
  • Battle Recap:
    A long and difficult fight
    Wonderful night in T2 on Badlands! Signed in with my lvl 19 Witch Hunter, Martain, and attempted to get from Ellyrion to Cascades of Thunder (or CoT). Took a long time to find a way over the mountains and, of course, as soon as I reached the summit the warband had taken the castle and then died to the estimated 100+ Destruction horde that had arrived...
  • Battle Recap:
    Early Success
    The night started quickly with the call from our leader to form up in Thunder Mountain. Although I was very inexperienced compared to the many warrior who volunteered, I was honored to be placed in the warband of our leader, Foghladha. I caught the warband as it had completely destroyed the inner door at Bloodfist Rock...