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Early Success

By: Jonzac

The night started quickly with the call from our leader to form up in Thunder Mountain. Although I was very inexperienced compared to the many warrior who volunteered, I was honored to be placed in the warband of our leader, Foghladha.

I caught the warband as it had completely destroyed the inner door at Bloodfist Rock. Where the evergrowning forces of Order quickly attacked and reclaimed the keep from the forces of Chaos. More and more heroes joined our fight and Karak Karag was also taken with minimial resistance from the Greenskins or their allies.

Frankly, I was a little confused. I was following our leader, desprately attempting to keep up through the press of warriors around me. Often times I would arrive after the battle for the minor objectives was completed. This was a trend that would continue for me as Foghladha ordered our host of six warbands to Praag. Being late caused me to wait at the flight master which put me minutes behind my warband and at the mercy of roaming Chaos forces as I attempted to find a way to the Garrison of Skulls. I finally had to take the road west of the valley and find a goat trail from the main road that took me within striking distance of my warband. Fortunately, they had not finished assaulting the castle and I was able to help.

The overwhelming forces of Order quickly moved to the Southern Garrison wrest it from the forces of Chaos. We quickly took control of Praag and forced our enemy to leave as we fully controlled this area making it untenable for their supply lines to be supported.

I waited at the Westmark Barricade Guard camp as our leader took the combined forces of over seven warbands to the lands of the Elves. I could not follow as I had been called back to my Chapterhouse to meet with a revered leader, one who I call SHEMBO (She Who Must Be Obeyed). Hopefully, or forces continued to cleanse the lands of our enemies after I was unable to continue.
I had a great night, got another Realm Rank, moving me to Lvl 32, RR 29...amazing how much Renown you get from a zone lock! I was completely confused, lost and I had a blast being that way. Hopefully I can continue to join these efforts and assist in any small way.