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Back In The Saddle

By: Jonzac

It certainly has been awhile since my last post, but frankly a nice vacation in Cancun, Mexico far outweighs anything WAR has to offer. Sun, margaritas, old ruins, margaritas, family, margaritas, swimming, get the picture.

Played a little bit now that 1.4 is out and I'm not sure I like it at the T2 and T3 stages. I do like the new bracket levels for T2 and T3. I just could never strike a good balance between leveling my actual level to gain new abilities and leveling my renown and Warcamp influence. Now I've more time to level my RR and influence and I might actually get that last item from RvR T3.

1.4 seems....oddly implemented. By that I mean, the focus was to remove the zerg (or at least reduce it), promote small group skirmishes and remove the situation where one side or the other could dominate all three zones which effectively hindered the other side gaining any momentum to outst them. What I've seen lately swings TOO far in the other direction. (Remember, this is not T4. I haven't tried that with the new bracket changes) It Gaiscioch's T3 seige night we spent most of the time running from one empty zone to another, standing around at BOs until the keep was at four stars then quickly purchasing rams to knock the doors down. Even the keeps are merely standing around with the demise of NPC door guards and keep lords. Of all the changes I miss, keep lords are at the top of that list. They were NO impediment to a large 2+ Warband assault, but they did provide the difference defending against a single warband attempt to take a castle. A small warband of one or two groups could hold off twice their number...sometimes...with the Keep lords help. As it stands now, there is NO chance for that to happen. The smaller group of defenders cannot keep an attack off the walls, especially now that most classes can "picklocks" or "airdrop" in from bombers. I think the simple replacement of the keep lords would be a perfect balance of difficult versus achievement.

On a side note, I've been playing my Warrior Priest more. I've come to realize that I NEED to get at least one toon to level 40 as soon as possible. I haven't purchased the RvR pack, and I don't plan to for a while at least. So to assist me, I spent the night in LoTD and gained almost an entire level doing the PQ where you put out burning books and such. Of course my group of 2 KoTBS, 1 Witch Hunter, 2 Warrior Priests and a Runepriest were completely and quickly killed on the third stage of that PQ by a lvl 41 Champion. Even the lvl 39 Knight couldn't tank the damage...unless all the other healers were asleep, but I doubt that.

So, in an effort to "build a better WP", I've added a link to Realm War for my Warrior Priest, JONZAC
Jonzac the Warrior Priest
Given that Realm War doesn't show my 1h hammer alternative, I've added the Pale Cudgel of Neferata link from Arsenal of War.

I've several questions, and I hope that someone...anyone will comment on them.

1. Should I focus on leveling to lvl 40 and ignore my RR? Or should I delay getting to lvl 40 until I can get there at lvl 40R40?
2. What kind of gear should I be getting? Annilator is merely 1 to 6 Realm Ranks away...but it healing focused?
3. I am speced in Grace and have the Wounds buff...with enough in to Salv right now to get the group cleanse that appropriate, or should I move back into all Salvation?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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