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Bounty Hunting in Guild Wars 2 with Gaiscioch
Guild Wars 2     9
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Most Excellent Ted...Most Excellent Bill

By: Jonzac

Another great night in T3 under a T3 siege night runs by The Gaiscioch Family. I started late on Saturday and quickly got into one of the two warbands we were hosting. I was in a Dwarf then Elf zone lock. Not much to say about those as most of Destro was in the other lands locking those down.

Finally, we managed to get together in Empire. Order arrived with Destro having Stoneclaw at four stars and our keep, Passwatch, at zero stars and the inner door under attack. Foghlahda ran his warband to Passwatch, hitting Destro from behind and saved the keep with the inner door at 13%. My warband stayed outside to start hitting BOs and gathering resourses. We took the Tavern and Hallenfurt's Manor and held them the rest of the time. We and Destro continued to pass Feiten's and Veretane's Tower back and forth.

While we were doing this Destro continued to push Passwatch and the defenders there were unable to leave. Order had the numbers so the resource carriers would NOT repair our doors like they would if we had AAO. What generated was a rolling fight centered around the area between the Destro Warcamp, Tavern, Feiten's and Passwatch. For over an hour the battle seesawed back and forth, with Destro unable to break the keep defense and our keep slowly ranking up.

When Passwatch hit Rank 4, my warband moved in to get a Ram and siege guns. As I've said before, the need for siege guns is crucial. We had a hard time getting there as Destro had a VERY effective two groups that camped on the hill in between their Warcamp and Tavern. This is the flight path for Order's griffons and many of us were shot down as we flew or run down as we tried to run around them. Finally, we got what we needed and took down the outer door. We did this with only one warband as Destro was still pressing Passwatch and with the inner door at 13% we couldn't afford to let them get a ram down at all.

We started pressing the inner door and Destro mounted a VERY tight defense. In particular they had a a large group of Ranged DPS that came around the left side of Stoneclaw, it had six or several Squig Herders and almost that many Sorc with healing backup. We were able to hold them off, but only because they were unable to push back without melee help. Destro managed to kill the first ram and we had to wait almost ten minutes to get a ram through the Destro roving patrols. Foghladha had brought over a fully vented group from his warband on keep defense to get the siege equipment through, the only reason we were able to proceed at all, afterward he would die and then get sent back to Passwatch.

We finally took the door down and quickly took the keep as there were few melee or tanks in the keep at all and in the keep itself the ranged DPS were unable to hold us back. Overall, the hour plus we spent in Empire showed off the best in 1.4. There were fights over the BOs and open fields, at the same time a viable keep assault was going on. We won for two reasons, 1) we managed to have enough people to cover the keep and take BOs. If we had fewer peoples we would have been bottled up in the keep and would have eventually been overrun. 2) Better coordination between Warbands. Can't speak to this point enough.

Eventually, we won with the approximately 60/40 points split, but with a much higher amount than we received for flipping zones uncontested. All in all, another great night for RvR

Bounty Hunting in Guild Wars 2 with Gaiscioch
Guild Wars 2     9
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