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Finsceal de na Sailetheach Buí


Finsceal de na Sailetheach Buí

Cerulean's Blog

July 13th, 2020

Alia Stormkiller - Pt 5

So Alia set off for Lions Arch. The journey would take about a week and she was impatient. She knew that there was nothing she could do to speed up the trip so she had to make the best of it. She began talking with the other people she was journeying with. She met an old women named Wanda who seemed to only want to talk about her long dead husband. Alia just tried to smile and nod along and after about 30 minutes (it seemed like hours) she was able to break free and move on. The encounter made her wary of talking with anyone else but after about 15 minutes she approached another women. This person appeared to be in her early 30s. She had a slight resemblance to Sandra so it was easier to approach.

Quickly she learned that the woman was called Clair. She found out that Clair had tricks of her own. As she was talking to her, Clair suddenly disappeared. This caused Alia to jump back nearly falling from the wagon she was riding in. Soon she noticed the laughing and saw Clair appear from inside the wagon...

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July 13th, 2020

Alia Stormkiller - Pt 4

Alia Stormkiller Part 4......

So for the next 2 years Alia studied, trained and worked hard to become the best Necromancer she could. She didn't graduate at the top of her class but she was happy to have graduated at all.

After the end of her first year she watched as Cerulean graduated from the Academy at the top of her class. As soon as Cerulean graduated she enlisted for another 2 years. Alia barely had time to talk to her before she was off to her new post.

She missed Cerulean as they had become friends during that year and she was happy when she came back while on leave. She always made it a point to stop and see Alia for at least a day.

Now on graduation day they also pass out your assignments and Alia was surprised that she was to report to Necromancer Munne in Ashford Abbey. She was extremely happy as they had become as close as they could while still maintaining that Instruction/Student relationship.

So that night she packed her things and the next morning she headed out for the Abbey...

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July 13th, 2020

Alia Stormkiller - Pt 3

Alia Stormkiller.....Part 3

Alia wasn't sure what to expect from her training, but she really enjoyed everything that Necromancers Munne & Blackblood taught her. There was so much more to being a Necromancer then just creating minions and she couldn't get enough of it.

Needless to say she excelled in all of her Necro studies, the problem being there was more to learn the just being a Necro. Part of being in the Academy was that you had to serve in the military and this was an area she was not very good at. In fact she was sent to see Warmaster Tydus so many times that he had went ahead and scheduled a weekly meeting with her knowing that something would come up.

The problem was that she just didn't like to take orders. She could fight with the best of them when she was allowed to do her own thing, but following orders that was a different story.

Finally after 3 months of this Tydus sat her down and let her know where she stood.

"Alia, you are becoming a fine Necromancer, but there is a problem...

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July 13th, 2020

Alia Stormkiller - Pt 2

Alia Stormkiller....The Story continues.

After waiting out a long hard winter with Sandra & her mother and learning quite a lot about manners and how to interact with people, spring finally arrived. Alia was excited as they where preparing for their yearly trip to Ascalon. She found out the trip would take about 2 weeks and the night before leaving she could not sleep.

The next morning they setout for Ascalon. Alia had learned that they lived in the Northern Shiverpeaks about an hour from Yak's Bend of which they passed through meeting others on their way to Ascalon. The first night they spent just outside of Yak's Bend and Alia was confused as to why. Sandra explained that they all would form in a big group and travel together for safety. They will be ready in a few days to head out on their journey.

After 3 days, which felt like 3 weeks to Alia, the caravan was ready to go. They left early in the morning and the goal was to exit the foothills before dark. The trip went without a hitch, but through conversation Alia heard a name she never heard before, Charr...

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July 13th, 2020

Alia Stormkiller - Pt 1

Alia Stormkiller....

Alia to this day only remembers bits and pieces of her life before the age of 7. She can remember other family members being around and some names do stick out in her mind, but to this day she has only met 1 other relative, her cousin Cerise Stormkiller. Cerise didn't have much more information about the family then Alia had, but Cerise did know that more members did survive, so Alia has hope that she may still find some of her family.

Alia's story started years ago when she was about 5. All she can remember was it was a cold rainy day. She remembers riding in a wagon next to her mother. Her father was walking with some other men outside the wagon. Kids, some of her brothers/sisters where either outside with the men or in the wagon. She has no idea where they where headed to. She remembers that even though it was rainy everyone, including the kids where unusually quite.

The day was just slowly passing by. The slow rhythmic motion of the wagon along with the gentle rain put Alia to sleep...

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