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Alia Stormkiller - Pt 5

By: Cerulean

So Alia set off for Lions Arch. The journey would take about a week and she was impatient. She knew that there was nothing she could do to speed up the trip so she had to make the best of it. She began talking with the other people she was journeying with. She met an old women named Wanda who seemed to only want to talk about her long dead husband. Alia just tried to smile and nod along and after about 30 minutes (it seemed like hours) she was able to break free and move on. The encounter made her wary of talking with anyone else but after about 15 minutes she approached another women. This person appeared to be in her early 30s. She had a slight resemblance to Sandra so it was easier to approach.

Quickly she learned that the woman was called Clair. She found out that Clair had tricks of her own. As she was talking to her, Clair suddenly disappeared. This caused Alia to jump back nearly falling from the wagon she was riding in. Soon she noticed the laughing and saw Clair appear from inside the wagon. Clair said, please don't fear me, I only do that to give myself some protecting from thieves. After talking with you for a few minutes it became apparent that you most likely weren't going to attack me so I decided to have a little fun. please forgive me, I just couldn't resist.

Alia said, how did you do that. Clair explained that she was a Mesmer and part of her training showed her how to create phantasms that appeared and reacted just as she would. Now it was Alia's turn to be a little defensive, maybe Clair was out to harm her. So when Clair invited her into the wagon, Alia hesitated. Clair said I understand if you don't trust me. You can stay out there if you desire, but you may noticed that it is starting to rain. So it is your choice, come inside and we can talk or stay out there and get wet & cold. Alia thought about it for only a few seconds as that is when the rain really started to come down. At this point she lost her reserve and went inside. Clair who was able to control the dolyaks from inside stopped the wagon. Alia knew that with rain like this they would stop and wait for the storm to pass before moving on.

The inside of the wagon was quite comfortable and soon Alia was completely at ease. Clair offered her something to eat and drink and before Alia knew it she has started to eat and drink without even checking out what the food and drink was. She stopped fast, staring at the items and Clair said, a little late for that. If I had poisoned or otherwise added anything to them it would be to late. You are young and have a lot to learn about that world/ You may have some power and I can tell you have had military training but you have yet to have world training. Alia, I like you, I am offering to give you that world training you really need. Alia looked at her and said, but I am a necro and you are a mesmer, how can you train me?

Clair chuckled and said, I am not going to train you as a mesmer. I will give you training in living. I will help teach you how to be prepared for these normal world situations. Do you really think that your can't be hurt in a normal situation? Do you think that having something to drink say in a bar would keep you safe? Your first lesson, Every drink you get, regardless of if you poured it yourself or not, your have to be worried about it having something added to it. It could have some substance in it to either kill you, weaken you, put you to sleep or anything. Alia said but what if I get water from a mountain stream, it has to be safe doesn't it? Not necessarily, the stream could contain anything in it. I am not saying that every creature is going around putting stuff in the water just to hurt someone or something. sometimes the stream itself just happens to be flowing over something that might harm us. I will teach you how to recognize this and what to do about it.

Alia thought for a minute then asked, I was heading to Lions Arch to find someone to advance my training in necromancy. Clair said, you can't train if you die. I can tell you have military background and for the most part you where safe. You didn't have to worry about these things. Let me ask you, when you left your barracks and where in the field, what where you trained on when you got water. Alia thought for a second and said, well they had a few people get the water and when we finally where given our rations it included the water. Clair said those people most likely had been trained to detect and cleanse the water in order to keep you safe. It isn't unbelievable that you didn't know. I bet that they didn't tell you everything, only told you what you needed to do in order to do your job. Alia agreed then said, but what about finding someone to help me become a more powerful necro?

Clair said, I will make you a deal. If you let me train you on worldly matters I will find you that necro who can help. Alia was quiet. She could hear the rain falling, she was antsy as she was not one to wait for something she really wanted, but what Clair said made sense. Even if she was trained and became the most powerful necro around she could be brought down simply by getting a drink. What to do, she wanted to have Clair help her and Clair's promise to help hear find a necro to continue her training was a nice offer but having to wait for however long was difficult. Finally Alia said ok, I made my decision and at that Clair raised up her hand and said Wait.

Alia stared at her and Clair called out. Alia thought it funny that Clair called for her scribe. Why would she have a scribe? That's when Alia, even after being in the wagon for a good hour, finally looked around. The wagon wasn't just comfortable it was luxurious. She then noticed Clair's clothing. It wasn't just a normal robe it was lined with gold thread and jewels. Alia could only guess they where emeralds and diamonds. The thought of emeralds made her smile, she was reminded of her sister Emerald and the rest of her family. She even was thinking about Cerulean when suddenly she heard Clair getting her attention. Clair just shook her head and said, I have my work cut of for me. Ok now that I have my scribe, let's hear what you where going to say about my offer.

Alia then said, is your name really Clair? Clair smiled and said, the only deception I pulled was my phantasm. My name is Clair, or at least part of it. My full name is Clair de Arbonville. I can tell by your reaction that you haven't heard of me or my family. Not uncommon for someone who was brought up around Ascalon. My family is from Cantha, but we moved to Lions Arch when I was about 5 years old. Alia said, but de Arbonville doesn't sound like a Canthan name. Clair said, we where from a part of Cantha controlled by the zu Heltzer's. Have you heard of them? Alia said yes, when she was studying at the Academy they talked some about the power struggle in Cantha. She remembers that the emperor was in control of the country and that the zu Heltzers controlled the stone forests and a group what is described as pirates, controlled the Jade Sea area and that those two factions where fighting each other. Our instructions went on to even say if both sides would combine they might have the power to overthrown the emperor.

Clair said yes that is basically it, but getting both sides to work together is out of the question. The hate each other with a passion. We Kurzaks are brought up to believe that the Luxons, pirates as you are taught, are savages. My family, even though we where Kurzak and even though we still follow some of the traditions and dress somewhat like they do, we do not think completely like them. My father believes that there are other threats out there that we need to concern ourselves about. His views where not well received by the zu Heltzers and after talking it over with my mother they decided to relocate to Lions Arch for their and our safety.

What, where you worried about the Luxon's? No, said Clair, we where not worried about them, we feared the zu Heltzer's. Even though I was 5 I could tell that they didn't like my father very much and it was only a matter of time before they did something. I am surprised they didn't try to kill you before you left, said Alia. Clair said, well that is what saved us, leaving that is. You see the politics in the zu Heltzer's is what saved us. They just don't go out and kill someone. Even though my father had said and suggested things that they didn't like they had to play their games first before giving the order to kill him and when my father made it clear that we where leaving Cantha the zu Heltzer's backed off. Oh they kept an eye on us, even intimidated us on occasion, but we no longer feared for our life. Even the day we boarded the boat for Lions Arch, old Count zu Heltzer himself was there to make sure we departed.

OK, Clair said, we have had enough history, you have learned more about me even before I was ready to tell. I see know that you have a charisma about you so I am going to have to be careful. Now you where about to tell me your decision so lets have it. Alia was startled when she realizes what she was about to say. She had been ready to tell her that she was going to pass on the offer and just find a necro herself, but after listening to Clair and realizing that there was more to this woman the she first imagined she blurted out, I want to stay, I want you to teach me what you know. Clair said fine it is done. Now for the details. My teaching is not free, Alia interrupted, I don't have much money, Clair said, I never said that my teaching would be paid for with money. You will do my bidding for as long as training takes. How long will that be? asked Alia. It depends on how fast you learn, said Clair.

To continue on, you will live with me, eat with me, attend functions with me, help me dress, help me undress, help me bathe, Alia interrupted, what, am I to be a slave? Clair answered, no not a slave. A slave would not be permitted to do most of the things I said you will do. You will be my special hand maiden, you will even sleep with me. Alia said, you have a bed in your room. Clair said, why of course where do you think I sleep? On the floor? Alia when I am done with you, you will know all there is to know about the world. You will know little things about the proper way to acknowledge people you pass in public to the intricate and intimate details of romance. Alia said, I am not looking for a man, Clair responded, don't worry I won't force you to be with a man and she trailed off there.

to be continued.........