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August 17th, 2022

Orsan's adventures in ESO

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to my ESO Blog on! I am planning to post a new Blog every week detailing the highlights of my ESO experience.

Week One of ESO has been a blast. I started off playing a high elf Templar mage wearing light armor and using a destruction staff. The damage output is considerable, but endurance is an issue. I got to level 15, but began to have trouble with magicka management. Also, the complete lack of CC was causing me to die a lot. Once I started to run Fungal Grotto, it became apparent to me that I would be more effective as a healer. I was able to heal through FG after a good bit of healing practice. This was pretty fun, but not really the role I want to play for my main character.

Soon after this, I started a Nord sorceror, with the idea that I would use a 2-handed weapon and wear medium or heavy armor. I am calling this build "Thane" after the DAoC class, as he uses a two-handed weapon, is a Nord, and tosses around lightning like it's his favorite football...

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August 17th, 2022

Elder Scrolls: History of Tamriel, The Second Era

Second Era
- The Dark Brotherhood is formed from a then-religious order, the Morag Tong, during this time. The Morag Tong were worshippers of the Daedra spirit, Mephala, at this time.

~1st Century~
2E 12
- One of the very few works on the Ayleids is published by the University of Gwilym Press, by Tjurhane Fyrre, with a book entitled "Nature of Ayleidic Poesy".
2E 24
- Daggerfall Scribe, Arkan, writes a book about his experiences and encounters with Baan Dar.

~2nd Century~
2E 120
- Viana the Pure, Virgin Baroness of Lainlyn, begins her 28 year reign.
2E 148
- Viana the Pure, Virgin Baroness of Lainlyn, ends her rule.
2E 184
- The Dragon, Grahkrindrog, is slain.

~3rd Century~
2E 212
- Mirmulnir is last sighted in The Reach.
2E 227
- The Ayleid, Tjurhane Fyrre, one of "the finest sages" dies.
2E 230
- Mages Guild is formed by Vanus Galerion (Formerly known as "Trechtus").
2E 283
- Potentate Versidue Shaie, ruler of Tamriel, is faced with a disintegrating empire, with "the vassal kingdoms throughout Tamriel reaching a new height of rebellion and openly challenging his rule...

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