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Orsan's Adventures In ESO

By: Orsan

Greetings, everyone! Welcome to my ESO Blog on! I am planning to post a new Blog every week detailing the highlights of my ESO experience.

Week One of ESO has been a blast. I started off playing a high elf Templar mage wearing light armor and using a destruction staff. The damage output is considerable, but endurance is an issue. I got to level 15, but began to have trouble with magicka management. Also, the complete lack of CC was causing me to die a lot. Once I started to run Fungal Grotto, it became apparent to me that I would be more effective as a healer. I was able to heal through FG after a good bit of healing practice. This was pretty fun, but not really the role I want to play for my main character.

Soon after this, I started a Nord sorceror, with the idea that I would use a 2-handed weapon and wear medium or heavy armor. I am calling this build "Thane" after the DAoC class, as he uses a two-handed weapon, is a Nord, and tosses around lightning like it's his favorite football. You can see my post regarding this build on the ESO Class Builds & Guides forum on the Gaiscioch website.

Man, what a blast this build has been to play. It completely destroys my templar build in DPS functionality and endurance. I took a trip into Cyrodil on Saturday night, I was level 10 at the time, and managed to get 3 or 4 solo kills in 30 minutes. Talk about fun. I also ran Fungal Grotto with 3 other family members (my first hosted event). On the third boss the tank and the other DPS died, and me and the healer managed to take down the boss with some fancy footwork and amazing heals. That was an epic experience.

I am now level 16 and looking forward to getting some new gear. I am pretty tired of the low level gear "look". :) If I can find a good place to host some images, I will post them here.

Until next time, enjoy your adventures, and BLOOD FOR THE PACT!

-Orsan Stormdale