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Lorgaire de na Sailetheach


Lorgaire de na Sailetheach

Grinos's Blog

August 03rd, 2020

Born For Adversity -Grinos: "Firesand"

I don't know why the whims come upon me as they do. I suppose I felt I needed to go on a journey of self-discovery or some foolishness like that. Maybe it was the glimmering rune of power offered to us clerics. Either way, I found myself on a quest to attain the highest level of notoriety with the Dragonslayer Covenant which involved an extensive tour in the scorching Firesand Desert.

Mind you, I'm no stranger to the elements, I consider myself rather adaptable when it comes to various environments. Still, allow me to warn that extended time in the deserts does something to you. The heat is night unbearable, and I don't know how I would have fared had I not invested a few weeks in caring for an old grizzled warden. The water spells were more than welcome. The denizens of that place were no relief, being almost exclusively fire users. As planar foes go, there was no shortage of Earth and Fire rifts. Sealing a fire rift in the Firesand desert while fighting flaming foes must venture far from the borders of sanity...

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August 03rd, 2020

Born for Adversity: "Introductions"

My name is Grinos. I am a cleric. I am called to faith. The light is my guide. A guide to what, I have yet to learn. The heart of a warrior is in my blood. My pedigree is that of fighters. Yet somehow, as the firstborn of a faithful and valorous mid-ranking soldier, I have yet to find my satisfaction in bloodlust. I can swing a hammer as well as the next person. I prefer the staff in combat. It reminds me, as I perform my duties in the destruction of life, that I am called to be a guide. As a shepherd must use his staff both to defend and to guide, even so must I guide my younger brethren through the turbulent land that has become Telara.

I have two brethren, both of whom received the greater part of our father's skill to slay. Frinio, the elder of my two younger brethren, has chosen the path of the "rogue". Even by my standards as a cleric of the Vigil, I confess he has upheld the profession well with surprising virtue (considering the profession). Primon, the youngest, is young and typically naive with a touch of foolhardy valor...

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