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June 17th, 2021

Fan Fic for Rift

The cavern is dank and musty. Pools of moisture collect around the edges of his underground prison. Stalagmites carpeted with vicious mutated vegetation toxic to any of the mortal races protrude from the equally deadly pools. He has been imprisoned for centuries by the dwarves using death magic, his brother’s magic; his brother who betrayed them all during the Bloodstorm. He mystically reaches out to the elven House Aelfwar, his mortal followers on Telara, to assist him with his release. He will have his revenge on his brother Regulos, but first he will the destroy the descendants of the long dead mortals that imprisoned him for he is Lord Greenscale, the dragon aspect of the elemental plane of life and he will not stop there. He seeks to eliminate all civilizations. He dreams of once again razing cities to the ground. Any life form that moves to the top of the food chain he will gladly eliminate to create chaos and have the chain build anew. Life can only really be created through chaos...

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June 17th, 2021

Short Fan Fic I Wrote for Planet Side 2

Her breath was labored and came in short gasps. Training had been hard back at the academy but nothing like this. Nothing they had done could have prepared her for this. Automatic weapon fire pelted around her fortified position. She could feel small chunks of debris ricochet off the rock wall to her right. She had hid from simulated rounds in training but never from a live round that was fired by an iron willed enemy that wanted nothing more than to kill her. She always knew that she would feel fear. They had never once pretended to be able to train you to not be afraid. They trained you so your reactions become so automatic that you did what was necessary to stay alive without realizing it. She knew she would feel fear, but she never knew she would be able to taste it. The bile rose in her throat slow and hot. It tasted black and sour and felt thick crawling up her throat and burned at the back of her mouth. She fought like mad to suppress the coiled snake struggling to break free of her stomach...

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Exploring Blackwood with Gaiscioch
The Elder Scrolls Online     7
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