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Short Fan Fic I Wrote For Planet Side 2

By: Grakulen

Her breath was labored and came in short gasps. Training had been hard back at the academy but nothing like this. Nothing they had done could have prepared her for this. Automatic weapon fire pelted around her fortified position. She could feel small chunks of debris ricochet off the rock wall to her right. She had hid from simulated rounds in training but never from a live round that was fired by an iron willed enemy that wanted nothing more than to kill her. She always knew that she would feel fear. They had never once pretended to be able to train you to not be afraid. They trained you so your reactions become so automatic that you did what was necessary to stay alive without realizing it. She knew she would feel fear, but she never knew she would be able to taste it. The bile rose in her throat slow and hot. It tasted black and sour and felt thick crawling up her throat and burned at the back of her mouth. She fought like mad to suppress the coiled snake struggling to break free of her stomach. In what felt like an eternity but was really only a second her platoon caught up to her position.
“What are your orders Lieutenant?” ask her platoon Sergeant.
“Wha.. What?” She replied.
“Ma’am” what are your orders?
“Have the heavy infantry lay down suppressing fire. Radio back to headquarters and have them send a few Liberator’s a head of our position to bust up those entrenched enemy positions.”
“Aye, Ma’am.”
Her first order issued since she had taken command. She felt her training taking over.
“Sergeant, give me an ETA on those Liberators?”
“3 Liberators inbound Ma’am. Time on deck 2 minutes. High Explosive rounds ready to rock.”
She felt the Liberators before she heard them. More precisely she felt the ground shake from the payload they had delivered.
“Sergeant,” she screamed, “Get the boys on the move! Let’s go, Let’s go. We will crush these New Conglomerate rebels and take back this sector. For the TERRAN REPUBLIC!”