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Finsceal de na Iomproidh Dubh


Finsceal de na Iomproidh Dubh

Findan's Blog

August 12th, 2020

Wrath of the Dolyak [Excerpt from Sunday July 6th Adventures]

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon. Our intrepid band of heroes, with nothing better to do on this day, were out and about wreaking havoc across the Kaineng Borderlands. Again. De'ja Vu anyone?

Having assisted in the capture of Kaineng Bay, Hills and Garrison, our band of merry men and women had decided to head North in search of more adventure. The first stop would be North West Supply Camp, staying only long enough to resupply before heading out to Kaineng's North West Tower. By the time the North West Tower had been captured, it was growing dark, so our group of heroes decided to set up camp for the night inside the tower. Several Arrow Carts were erected for defense, and the crew settled in for the night.

Just before first light, our band of heroes - refreshed and rearing to go - set out for Kaineng's North Camp in good spirits, recounting tales from the previous day's victories. Upon arrival at North Camp they were met with some light resistance from several Kaineng troops who were doing camp maintenance...

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  • Battle Recap:
    Thank You! [Fin's Chaos Squad September 2nd 2014]
    Just a short note to say a huge thank you to Rayne for tagging up and keeping the group together until I got into WvW last night. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was greatly delayed in getting to the event. Rayne took the initiative to tag up and keep the group together until I was able to join later in the event...
  • Battle Recap:
    The Rise and Fall of ET Hills [Fin's Chaos Squad July 24th 2014]
    The battles had been raging across all fronts that night. Our company of heroes had just completed a successful incursion into enemy territory, completely painting Sorrow's Furnace Borderlands Red. With SoR's secondary Borderland once again secure, our heroes turned their focus to Eredon Terrace...
  • Battle Recap:
    King of the Hill [Fin's Chaos Squad June 26th 2014]
    Still reeling from the stinging defeat at Kaineng Hills Keep at the hands of our heroes, Devona's Rest decided to take their frustration out on Lake Tower. They were mad. They were angry. Angrier than a nest full of angry hornets being poked at by a stick...
  • Battle Recap:
    The Capture of Kaineng Hills Keep [Fin's Chaos Squad June 26th 2014]
    The war had been raging on for hours. Our valiant Squadron of Chaos, numbering around fifteen or so, had won many battles that day. Kaineng Borderlands - affectionately referred to by our Chaos Squad as "Sanctum of Rall, Extension 1" - had been painted a beautiful shade of red...
  • Battle Recap:
    Conquerers of the Forward Path [TA Dungeon June 23rd 2014]
    'Twas dark and stormy the night our intrepid heroes set out to conquer the Twilight Arbor Forward Path, to discover what treasures lay buried within the depths of the eerie dungeon. This particular path had a reputation that preceded it - a reputation of swallowing up unprepared travelers, never to be seen again...
  • Battle Recap:
    The Capture of Green Briar Tower [Fin's Chaos Squad June 17th 2014]
    The gate had almost been rammed down when the scout report came in. The enemy had been spotted on a hill in the distance behind our heroes. They had been silently waiting, observing our group of heroes, looking for the opportunity to ambush them inside Green Briar Tower...
  • Battle Recap:
    The Battle for GoM Bay [Fin's Chaos Squad June 17th 2014]
    The sound of battle rang out fiercely outside GoM Bay. Our small squad of heroes, no more than 6 or 7 in total, had successfully captured the enemy's South West Supply Depot only moments before. Battle cries were heard over the clamour of steel on steel and destructive magic...
  • Battle Recap:
    Operation Camp-Stomp [Fin's Chaos Squad June 12th 2014]
    Deep into the heart of enemy territory, right on the doorstep of the enemy's infamous Citadel, the small, yet fearless chaos squad lay in waiting, scouting, observing their objective, awaiting the right moment to strike a blow at the enemy, in order to cut off valuable supply to the enemy's fortifications...
  • Battle Recap:
    You're Welcome!
    It was my pleasure Caitlin, I was glad I could help out a bit in a pinch :)