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August 05th, 2021

ESO: Ekadzati, Dunmer Sorceress (backstory, origination into the ESO world)

The books clunked and thumped onto the floor as the weary woman settled into the chair, accidentally disturbing them. “Damn it, Ek, watch what you’re doing!” The Nord who shared rooms with the sorceress huffed resentfully as she sprang from her seat upon the chaise to gather the tomes from the floor and gently place them out of the other woman’s reach.

Ekadzati nodded wearily, “Yeah, yeah, precious books of learning, mustn’t injure them. Maybe you should put them back in the library, where dusty old things belong.” The sharp lines of her face didn’t betray her humor at her roommate’s outraged huffed reply, “They are NOT just dusty, old things!” In the face of the sorceress’s bored look, Cisella almost vibrated with anger and frustration, “There are things in here that you WISH you knew, you self-absorbed heretic!”

The ominous silence that followed was thicker than a spice bread pudding and, when the sorceress did speak, the Nord girl shivered in spite of herself, “I doubt very seriously there is a lesson in some musty old book you dredged up from the stacks other than one demonstrating that, if one wants to live outside the classroom or the temples, one ought not hang around with you…...

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August 05th, 2021

On the marketplace, crafting, and realities of the GW2 economy

Lately, there has been a bit of discussion happening in the Marketplace Requests thread about the unfortunate state of economy and cost that makes being as generous as one might want to be a bit of an impossibility.

For those who may be interested to understand why those requests for grade 400 items are languishing, it's directly because everyone and their mother are using them to profit on the in-game marketplace and creating an artificially inflated market that puts them completely out of reach to those of us who would otherwise GLADLY just buy them to help you out.

Add to this, the process of trying to GET them via salvage and hunting is equally time-consuming and costly as they are either (a) quite rare to begin with, (b) only available for collection when all the temples are open, or (c) only available reliably in certain dungeons.

As I have said here and there along the way -- if your marketplace request languishes out there for more than a single day, it is directly related to the above OR because I don't have a character that had that trade...

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