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On The Marketplace, Crafting, And Realities Of The GW2 Economy

By: Ekajata

Lately, there has been a bit of discussion happening in the Marketplace Requests thread about the unfortunate state of economy and cost that makes being as generous as one might want to be a bit of an impossibility.

For those who may be interested to understand why those requests for grade 400 items are languishing, it's directly because everyone and their mother are using them to profit on the in-game marketplace and creating an artificially inflated market that puts them completely out of reach to those of us who would otherwise GLADLY just buy them to help you out.

Add to this, the process of trying to GET them via salvage and hunting is equally time-consuming and costly as they are either (a) quite rare to begin with, (b) only available for collection when all the temples are open, or (c) only available reliably in certain dungeons.

As I have said here and there along the way -- if your marketplace request languishes out there for more than a single day, it is directly related to the above OR because I don't have a character that had that trade. (The trades I am NOT pursuing are Jeweler and Chef; I have 400's in the armor and weaponry trades excepting huntsman and leatherworker, which are in process).

Of particular frustration at the moment are all those requests for bags. I too, would like a 20 slot bag, but have contented myself with 10s or 15s (grin) because frankly, the cost of those holding runes is stupidly overclocked and I can't afford them for myself, let alone anyone else.

All the above said... if you'd like to see your weaponry and gear request filled, please consider focusing your attention on those rarer materials and understand that, while I am generous to a fault, I can't give what I don't have myself and, unfortunately, the continuing push on economy and the scarcity of materials overall makes it impossible to buy them so I can help you.

I'm hopeful that as the Laurel system and other things come into being and the game ages, the strictures on drop rates (and behind it, the market itself) will stabilize and these things will not be so difficult.

Until then, please know that it's not that I don't WANT to help... it's just that I've exhausted my own capacity to do so a week ago and now, am left to those requests that can supply the rare and/or costly materials needed to see them created.

Aside: It is also worth note that while I appreciate the chance to earn points for my crafting, I am not especially tied to having to receive points for it. So if you have mats and need something made, I invite you to reach out to me and ask. If I can make it, I will... immediately.

Ekadzati - Artificer @400
Tendril The Seeker - Armorsmith and Weaponsmith @400
Yeshes - Tailor @400
Myela Mistwalker - Huntsman @112 and Leatherworker @244

Not Pursuing: