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June 17th, 2021

Northborne: Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The following day I entered my village one last time to gather any belongings that I might require on my journey, or anything that held special meaning for me. Our house was not nearly as burned as most of the other dwellings in the village, and I was thankful to find plenty of dried meat and water to help me survive the coming weeks. On my way around the house, I suddenly noticed the mirror hanging on the wall. We were a simple people, so mirrors were considered a luxury, and only elders or very rich warriors could afford them.

Our mirror had been my father’s pride and joy. He had told me that he bought it in the south, when he was serving as a mercenary in one of the wars. It was richly carved and covered with writing I could not understand. I stepped in front of the mirror and stared blankly, remember all of the times I had seen my father looking at it. He always said it reminded him of my mother, but I never understood why.

Now I saw myself, and realized I hadn’t washed in days or even weeks...

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June 17th, 2021

Northborne: Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I don’t remember how long I sat there, under the gate to our burned village, but day and night blended together into a continuous stream of misery. Where would I go? Granted, I knew how to survive in the wild, and live off the land for months, even years, but the village had always been there for me to come back to. It was my safe place, where I could rest, and enjoy my father’s company.

My father.

The thought brought fresh pangs of grief back into my gut. How I wished I could go back in time, to the day before I had left on my hunting trip. My father and I had fought that night, he had told me that I was too eager for the praise of men, especially the handsome ones, and that instead I should seek praise from myself. Of course I scoffed at the idea. What better glory was there than the praise of the tribe? I wondered if my father had regretted what he had said the next day. I had left early, before the sun rose, and had not spoken to him.

So foolish...

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June 17th, 2021

Northborne: Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Our tribe lived in the far north, past the mountains and past still more. We cared nothing of gods, blood storm, or planar energy. We had each other, we had the beasts of the land, and we were content. I was the daughter of our tribe’s wisest hunter, Volk. For days and years he strove to teach me his wisdom; that the mind is greater than the sword, that magic could be used to defeat any foe, but I was an unruly student. All that mattered to me was the wild land, running for days, hunting beasts, and challenging anyone who crossed me. It was not until the night of death that I finally understood.

I had been returning to my tribe after a month away in the wilds. My mood was lighthearted, for behind me on a sled I dragged a huge bear I had slain. “I will be honored tonight,” I thought. I imagined my father standing with the elders, his golden hair in long braids. He had always told me that my red hair came from my mother, but she had died while I was still an infant...

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June 17th, 2021

Northborne: Prologue (RP intro)

“Kneel before me in life, or bow in death, either way, you will serve me.”

The lich’s cruel words hung in my memory. It had been nearly a decade since I had faced the undead sorcerer, an experience I was none too eager to repeat. Back then I had been a reckless warrior, a blasphemer of the gods. I served no one and nothing. I was master. That all changed when my father, my tribe, was taken by this… abomination. The time had finally come for vengeance.

Before my eyes stretched a chasm so deep I imagined that a rock would fall for hours before it reached the bottom. To either side, fading into the dim blue horizon rose mountainous peaks dressed in snow. I remembered this place from my childhood, when my father had taken me out on the hunt. We would camp so close to the edge of the chasm that I could hear the wind and echoes it made in the night. At night I was afraid of falling, falling into gods know where, but my father was always at my side to protect me...

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