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Northborne: Prologue (RP Intro)

By: Deft

“Kneel before me in life, or bow in death, either way, you will serve me.”

The lich’s cruel words hung in my memory. It had been nearly a decade since I had faced the undead sorcerer, an experience I was none too eager to repeat. Back then I had been a reckless warrior, a blasphemer of the gods. I served no one and nothing. I was master. That all changed when my father, my tribe, was taken by this… abomination. The time had finally come for vengeance.

Before my eyes stretched a chasm so deep I imagined that a rock would fall for hours before it reached the bottom. To either side, fading into the dim blue horizon rose mountainous peaks dressed in snow. I remembered this place from my childhood, when my father had taken me out on the hunt. We would camp so close to the edge of the chasm that I could hear the wind and echoes it made in the night. At night I was afraid of falling, falling into gods know where, but my father was always at my side to protect me.

Father, why couldn’t I protect you?

Shaking, I rested my arms on the handle of my war hammer. That black night had been worse than any nightmare that haunted my dreams.