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Caomhnoir de na Capall


Caomhnoir de na Capall

Cindermist's Blog

December 05th, 2019

With friends like these...

Training Rank 40... Finally I could join my brothers and sisters in the greatest battles. I was both excited and nervous about entering this new phase of my training. I knew I would in the patient and capable hands of my guild siblings when the call to battle went forth.

I waited, trying to be patient as other battles kept my family occupied, but then...there it was...the call I had been waiting for!

"Mount up Cinder! We head to the tunnels and crypts tonight. Front and center!"

Pushing down my nerves as best as I was able, I proudly entered the tunnels with those I consider my mentors as well as my friends. The battles were more fierce than I had yet seen, but time after time we prevailed. My deaths were as nothing to me against the fierce pride I felt in doing my part to the best of my abilities. One by one we worked our way through dank, putrid tunnels, the dampness not only frizzing my hair horribly, but the smells smaking me wish I had forgone dinner that night...

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