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Curadh de na Sailetheach


Curadh de na Sailetheach

Bryen's Blog

August 08th, 2020

Tosaíonn mo chuid ama mar Lorgaire

My time starts as a Tracker

Hard to believe it's been only seven days. 7!!!

A week ago I was waking up rather groggy and logging in for my third activity in Gaiscioch. Shortly after completing Eluveittie's map event this morning I received notification of my advancement. I hope that the excitement of seeing the little bot post about me this morning never wears off. I was a big day for promotions, so I want to take a moment to congratulate the others that moved forward this morning.

Robotunicr0n was Awarded The Rank Of Muintir de na Sailetheach
Salithrin was Promoted To Ban Saighdiuir de na Faolchu
Iosaf was Promoted To Seaimpin de na Iomproidh
Gwynhefar was Awarded The Rank Of Ban Caomhnoir de na Iomproidh Buí

I am honored by the trail you all have blazed before me and appreciate the example you set! I hope to one day honor the family by becoming a Laoch and joining the ranks of those whose memory and assistance have made our guild so enduring.

My mind is racing regarding where to start today...

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August 08th, 2020

Inniu tá mé ina Muintir

So I asked Google to translate "Today I became a Muintir" and it gave me the title of this post.
However when I asked it translate it back to English it became "Today I am a Man."

So it seems appropriate to post a rite of passage entry as I step up to "Manhood" in the Gaiscioch.

I've been eyeballing these folks for many years now. When Guild Wars 2 was coming out it was always a group that was on peoples lips, and once they got a sever dedicated to Rall, I think most everyone knew who they were. I'm pretty sure intimidation led me away. Gaiscioch was a super guild, and I was not prepared. We joined a number of special interest guilds at the beginning one of which was Hope Remains, that connected us with our first gaming community of friends in GW2. We didn't stay long because our group outgrew that guild fast. We agreed to donate the private guild we made called The Pathwalkers [PATH] for the group to use and that went well for a few months. Eventually there were power struggles and we left [PATH] to those who wanted the control and opened Order of the Grey [OrG]...

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