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Ridire de na Capall Oráiste
Ridire de na Capall Oráiste
Posted On: 11/10/2013 at 03:48 AM
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Alright, so i know many of us are excited about the future 5th chapter of our family. After the announcement yesterday I heard a lot of general questions about the game. I know this information is else where on the internet but ill try and answer some of what i heard here.

Q: Where exactly does this game take place, and will the map include Skyrim?

A: These were two separate questions but i feel i can answer them together. The answer is yes! The game world will consist of most of the continent of Tamriel. Including the provinces of Skyrim, Morrowind, Summerset Isle, Elsweyr, Hammerfell, and Cyrodiil. I've included a map that shows the continent of Tamriel. Please note that this is not an office map from ESO, this is the general map of Tamriel that has been established through the Elder Scrolls series so far.

The Continent of Tamriel


Q:When in the Elder Scroll's timeline does this game take place?

A: Elder Scrolls Online is set approximately 1,000 years before the events of Skyrim, during the Second Era.

Q: Who will we play as?

A: Our guild will be playing as the Ebonheart Pact. This is one of the three different factions included in the game. The Ebonheart pact consists of three races, the Nords, the Dark Elves, and the Argonian.  The Ebonheart Pact maintains control over territory in the provinces of Morrowind (and Vvardenfell), Skyrim, and Blackmarsh. Now keep in mind that just because our guild will be playing as the Ebonheart Pact, this does not bar you from playing in other factions. With that said, the major family events will take place through that faction. For more information on the races of this pact, and the lore behind it you can follow this link to the official ESO website.

Here is our pact:

Blood for the Pact

If anyone has anymore questions I didn't address please post here and I will try to find an answer for you. If you want to do more research on your own Tamriel Foundry is a great place to start.


Last Edited on: 11/10/2013 at 04:13 AM
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Ban Finsceal de na Iolair
Ban Finsceal de na Iolair
  • GW2: imagetaker.6807
  • ESO: @Morigana99
Replied On: 11/11/2013 at 08:11 PM PST

Hey!   Thanks - I love maps :)

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Saighdiuir de na Sailetheach Gorm
Saighdiuir de na Sailetheach Gorm
Replied On: 11/14/2013 at 01:34 AM PST
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The only one glaring thing about ESO that bugs me in the race restrictions per Alliance.  I get how it works and the reasons, similar to the WoW format.  But recent games like GW2 have spoiled me.  I want to play the race I like with the faction I like.  /sigh

Shoddy Cast is pretty awesome as well:

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Ridire de na Aracos
Ridire de na Aracos
  • ESO: @Kalec-Stromhir
Replied On: 11/14/2013 at 02:14 AM PST
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Here is the reason for the alliance that's in the lore.

In the year 2E 578 a massive arcane explosion in the Imperial City sent violent aftershocks across Nirn. As consequence mages went mad and mystics conjured nightmares of doom.

Beings of supernatural nature arose from the plane of Oblivion and the Daedra doubled in numbers. With Tamriel in turmoil, the Daedric Prince of Domination and Enslavement threatened to merge Nirn and Oblivion into an everlasting hellish nightmare.

Molag Bal will continue to weaken the barrier between worlds until he cannot be stopped. During the great conflicts between man and beasts, it sparked a fire between three Alliances vying for the control of the Imperial City and the White-Gold Tower: Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant and the Ebonheart Pact.

Two of the Alliances pledge allegiance and loyalty to their  monarchs while the third Alliance threaded carefully on eggshells. Each will wrestle with the forces of darkness and push back Molag Bal’s grand scheme of destruction.

With factions vying for control and monarchs battling to control of Tamriel, what will be left after the storm has past? Will Nirn succumb to a blanket of darkness plagued by monsters and the effects of war? Or will Nirn rise as one, brothers-in-arms and save Nirn?

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Ridire de na Capall Oráiste
Ridire de na Capall Oráiste
Replied On: 11/14/2013 at 09:56 PM PST
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I was also a little bummed by the limited races per alliance. I have always played as a wood elf stealthy character in every ES game, but its an exciting opportunity for me to branch out. To get in the spirit of it I'll be starting a new character in Skyrim to grow my love for my new alliance.

You are right though, they had to split this for the sake of three different factions that actually matched any logical lore. One good thing about the game is you will be able to venture into each factions zone after your complete your own.

"In ESO, you choose one of three alliances, each with different zones, quests, and stories to explore. Once you hit level 50, you can choose to journey to another alliance's territory and experience a more difficult (and rewarding) version of those areas. After you complete the story within in the second alliance, you can travel to the third faction and complete the content there." 

(Paul Sage)

I like this concept a lot. Sense i can't play the race i like best, at least i will be able to explore their territory. Also they quests in the different territorys are said to be independed of each other and not mirror. So the quests in a lvl 1 ebonheart zone will be different than quests in a lvl 1 zone of the opposing faction. (ESOAUA). this is awesome because it give variaty and a reason to go to these other zones.

Lastly, If you really want to play as one character of another faction you can. It's been said that you can have multipul characters and i believe they can be of different factions. (ESOAUA)

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Fine de na Faolchu
Fine de na Faolchu
Replied On: 02/17/2014 at 05:17 AM PST

 By now, I guess you know that you can play any race, in whatever faction you choose, if you pre-order. :)


 I'll be in Pact, looking for an invite when it starts up!

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