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Lorgaire de na Sailetheach


Lorgaire de na Sailetheach

Fellowship Record


Rawkas joined the family on July 19th, 2014 and has earned 2,364 fellowship points for participating in family hosted activities. Their devotion and accomplishments have made them a Footmen within the family. Below is a list of accomplishments Rawkas has obtained on the field of battle.

The Elder Scrolls Online
Objective Victories Fellowship Points Current Title
Resource 109 545 Veteran Resource Procurement Specialist
Dark Anchor 31 465 Skilled Dark Anchor Hunter
Public Dungeon Boss 22 44 Novice Trophy Hunter
Defense 21 105 Novice Realm Defender
Family Event 19 190 Novice Party Animal
Outpost 14 210 Novice Outpost Assaulter
Castle 13 390 Novice Castle Conqueror
Public Dungeon 12 120 Novice Dungeon Crawler
Veteran Public Dungeon Boss 3 15 none
1 Hour Adventure 3 180 none
Elder Scroll 1 50 none
Total: 248 2,314  

History of Fellowship

2014.11.29 Rawkas Has Been Awarded The Title Footmen
2014.10.24 Rawkas Has Been Awarded The Title Apprentice Footmen
2014.10.09 Rawkas Has Been Awarded The Title Master Scout
2014.09.21 Rawkas Has Been Awarded The Title Scout
2014.09.14 Rawkas Has Been Awarded The Title Apprentice Scout
2014.09.07 Rawkas Has Been Awarded The Title Devoted Militiamen
2014.07.20 Rawkas Has Been Awarded The Title Militiamen
2014.07.19 Rawkas Has Joined The Family