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Curadh de na Capall Donn


Curadh de na Capall Donn

Valor Record

Valor is signified by ones ability to stand strong in the heat of battle. Leaders of family events must show their valor by leading troops into combat and bringing our troops through the battle successfully. The victories below highlight Priecher's accomplishments on the battlefield as a leader.


The Elder Scrolls Online
Objective Victories Valor Points Current Title
Resource 13 130 Novice Resource Procurement Specialist
Family Event 2 40 none
Public Dungeon 1 20 none
Defense 1 10 none
Public Dungeon Boss 1 4 none
Dark Anchor 1 30 none
Total: 19 234  


The Elder Scrolls Online
Objective Victories Valor Points Current Title
Resource 126 630 Veteran Resource Procurement Specialist
Castle 34 1,020 Skilled Castle Conqueror
Defense 12 60 Novice Realm Defender
Outpost 11 165 Novice Outpost Assaulter
Elder Scroll 4 200 none
Family Event 4 40 none
Dark Anchor 2 30 none
Total: 193 2,145  

Event History

Wolf Pack
(4-9 People)
(10-19 People)
(20-49 People)
(50-99 People)
(100+ People)
2 1 0 0 0 0 19
Elder Scrolls Online
Date Event Participants FHP Score
Jun. 12th, 2014 Unscheduled Pickup Event 2 22
May. 19th, 2014 Priecher's AvA Sermon 8 85

Stories of Valor:

"Priecher pulled a few of us together, new to the Family and AvA and led us to take several resource camps. He keep the momentum going and made the experience quite fun. Kudos to him."
  - Basillica, May. 20. 2014

"Fun, exciting small group pvp. Darn those former emporer V10's"
  - Ashen, May. 20. 2014

"Priecher did an awesome job directing chosen targets based on resistance as well as difficulty for the enemy to respond. When people listened we did well attacking and defending positions as well as structures."
  - Cam, May. 20. 2014

"well led, lots of fun, we killed several high level vets, but in the end got overrun by vets"
  - Grymjack, May. 19. 2014

"Started out as a small group and grew to about 15 people. We ended up taking a keep, several resources, and a couple of outposts. Was great fun"
  - Tricks, May. 19. 2014

"great job stepping up and filling a needed position."
  - Kennethan, May. 07. 2014