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Fili de na Ulchabhan Bán


Fili de na Ulchabhan Bán

Oldgoat's Blog

July 11th, 2020

What I like about running dungeons in GW2.

There are many people who focus on the profit motive when they run dungeons. Faster = more dungeons = more loot = less fun. I'm not here to "earn a living." I'm here to have fun. And this is how I have fun.

1. I enjoy the group experience. The social aspect of dungeons is what draws me.

2. Snatching victory from failure. That moment, when all seems lost, and one of my party mates steps it up a notch and we not only survive, we WIN.

3. Great jokes. Yeah, I stay in the adult channel, the jokes are better.

4. Working together with like minded people toward a common cause.

5. Watching someone "get" it. The lightbulb goes off in someone's head and they suddenly understand how to do something. It's an awesome feeling being part of that.

Those are the reasons I run dungeons. That's what makes them fun for me.

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  • Battle Recap:
    Amazing group of Guildies
    This squad performed admirably. They stayed back and assisted each other when someone got tripped up and couldn't join us at the next fight. The mesmers dropped portals when they were needed. This event succeeded because everyone pitched in and helped out.
  • Battle Recap:
    Thank You Mika
    For your patience and kindness during our learning process I say thank you. For all those who joined us and did their best, thank you.
  • Battle Recap:
    An amazingly patient run
    Title says it all. Namrie walked three groups through the Mursaat path. Not only did he know every step of the way, he was able to teach us things throughout this entire dungeon. I hereby declare Namrie, the best!
  • Battle Recap:
    Nice run
    Well led. That goat guy needs to shut up.
  • Battle Recap:
    Awesome Job, Once again.
    As I showed up late, I expected not to get the chance to finish my monthly puzzle jumpers achievement. However, Aiobheann made sure that even the slowest guy in the group got every puzzle I needed. Thanks for a great time.
  • Battle Recap:
    Awesome group...
    This was dungeon number 6 in a row. 5 Citadel of Flame runs and this Twilight Arbor. This group performed admirably. In Citadel of Flame, path 1 we were able to kill the Acolytes with minimal damage to ourselves. We also got through the rolling boulders with all of us carrying flames to light the braziers at the end...
  • Battle Recap:
    One of the most enjoyable dungeons I've had the pleasure of running.
    I knew what to expect, knew what was expected, and succeeded in this dungeon. Thank you for your excellent leadership Zee! We kept Hodgins alive in the burrow room, we got through the rest nearly unscathed. Excellent group of adventurers, you guys rock.
  • Battle Recap:
    Amazing pair of adventurers.
    Four of us were down, only Kooz the dungeon master was up. Hodgins was being battered by Gravelings. Xavier, the Hero of Lion's Arch popped a revive orb. The two of them fought the howling king, against all odds. Eventually they defeated him soundly and the rest of us cheered...
  • Battle Recap:
    Saturday Night Stories
    Ascalon Catacombs is full of old Ascalonian history. Our group ran it incredibly well. We even killed the Troll. Each boss went down handily because of the excellent teamwork shown by everyone involved. Bears man chipped in on the leadership by explaining the final boss, King Adelbern for us...
  • Battle Recap:
    An Incredible Team
    A better group of people have never defeated Subject Alpha. Teamwork was the magic word. Thanks to each and every one of you guys for one of the best dungeon runs I have ever been on. Working together made this FUN! You guys are awesome.
  • Battle Recap:
    WvW training event
    We gathered and learned some basics about Combo Fields and Combo Finishers. We practiced stacking and using combos to enhance our abilities, speed us up, and heal ourselves as a group. We then entered the battlefield and put what we learned into practice...
  • Battle Recap:
    Anastasia's Really Fast Legs
    We were in Twilight Arbor fighting Brangoire and his exploding poisonous spiders. Anastasia, the lowest level player in the party was holding her own with us as one by one the rest of us died. But not Anastasia, she kept on fighting and running. With 1/4 of Brangoire's life left, around and around she ran, chased by spiders, shooting at Brangoire...
  • Battle Recap:
    Caudecus's Manor Story Mode
    Charging forward, our group of heros cleared out the manor and searched out the queen. Undaunted we faced champion after champion. Finally, with the Captain down, we freed Queen Jennah. With utmost grace she thanked us.
  • Battle Recap:
    Saved by Experience
    We went in with the intent of completing the entire dungeon but got hung up on the last boss. Suddenly two heroes arrived. Ixeletihw and Arcane Sapphire. Their experience and excellent direction saved us completely. Thanks you two guys!
  • Battle Recap:
    Excellent Teamwork
    We went in with a little bit of knowledge, but there were some surprises. However, as a group, these folks were awesome. When we couldn't figure it out right away, we stepped back, did what had to be done and got it right the next time. Everyone did whatever was necessary to make this a good run...
  • Battle Recap:
    An excellent adventure.
    The Queen was in fact in danger and was kidnapped. Our heroes fought through the overwhelming odds and rescued her without the loss of a single life. Well done, heroes all. I bow to you. Even Logan was impressed, I heard him talking to the Queen and telling her he could not have done it without each and every one of you.
  • Battle Recap:
    What I learned
    I learned that you need to keep your eyes open because sometimes a small group is a decoy and if you attack them it becomes an ambush. I learned that small groups tend to do better on smaller mission types. Don't try to assault a castle with 15 individuals, go after a supply depot or dolyak instead...
  • Battle Recap:
    Excellent group to run with
    Four of the easiest people to do a dungeon with. Varied knowledge, but willingness to learn, and an excellent team. If anyone is looking for a party, these guys are the best. thanks.
  • Battle Recap:
    An Impromptu Adventure
    With some excellent guidance from Garette, and awesome teamwork, this group faced every challenge thrown at them. Patchouli Scarlet was also very instrumental in these victories. None of the bosses stood a "ghost" of a chance against this wily team.