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Lilou's Blog

September 19th, 2020

Triple jump.... yaaaaasssss!

So I played my demon hunter through all the introductory content this weekend, and I had a lot of fun with triple jumping around the blasted heath.

What is triple jumping, you say? Well, when playing a demon hunter, if you hit the spacebar, you jump. Not exactly thrilling. But hit the bar again before you land and you jump further. Hit the bar a third time and wings sprout from your back and you glide. Combine this with the charge-y thing which I can't remember the name for and you blast around on dire purple wings of doom. Or at least that's how it felt to me.

Of course, people are complaining that this is horribly overpowering. I don't pvp, so I have no opinion on that. I just thought it was hella fun. Kind of like wearing a Chewbacca mask and getting the giggles.

There are certainly some interesting plot twists and choices to make in the introduction. I didn't pore over it all too intently because I want to save the story until launch, but I'm intrigued and looking forward to knowing more...

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September 19th, 2020

World of Warcraft Legion Beta: Boooooomkin!

So, the second thing I did with my beta access was to log in and check out the changes to balance druids. I had heard that they had completely redesigned the gameplay AGAIN and I was very curious to see what that entails.

If you've played a boomkin, you will know all about the balance bar that you have to juggle, going from lunar and solar and back again, over and over. Blizzard's concern with this was that the balance bar reduces boomkin gameplay to watching the bar go back and forth and there's not a lot of room within that mechanic for changing things up.

I'm not going to say that I'm an expert in the new spec, but I can say it is dramatically different from the old boomkin. It's also (maybe disappointingly?) like other caster specs that I've played. It's now more about keeping dots up (which you also had to do before but it was a little more challenging because of the balance bar) and building up astral power so that you can cast your big dps spells. So it feels like destruction warlock or even frost mage a little where you are casting certain spells to get others to proc or to reach a certain power point which makes your spells more devastating...

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September 19th, 2020

World of Warcraft: Legion Beta - Baby Demon Hunter!

So I am lucky enough to have a beta invite for the new World of Warcraft expansion, and since there is no NDA I thought I might share some thoughts and observations here for anyone who might be interested in what Blizzard has in store. I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but don't read if you want it all to be a surprise!

(I should point out here that I have read nothing about this stuff prior to this, so I'm sure all of it could be gleaned from other sources. I learn by doing, so I just chose to jump in and poke around and then bore other people with my "discoveries".)

Of course, the first thing I did upon connecting was to create a Demon Hunter. Blizzard is only allowing two races to be Demon Hunters - night elves and blood elves - so I chose night elf because bouncing > slouching and they have a better dance. A girl has to have priorities.

The character creation options are more extensive than the usual, including tattoos, horns and ... um ... eyewear, so that was kind of fun...

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