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Lorgaire de na Iomproidh


Lorgaire de na Iomproidh

Joojoobees's Blog

August 08th, 2020

Update 6 Provisioning ~ a first look

I checked in on the PTS to see what changes Update 6 brings to Provisioning. Here I present a list of materials and some info on the recipes my character knew after conversion.

# Materials
Here is a list of **materials** I found in my inventory after the conversion (excluding anything named "Old xxx", which can not be used for recipes any more.

- Acai Berry (Bev)
- Carrots (Food)
- Corn (Food)
- Garlic (Food)
- Ginger (Bev)
- Ginkgo (Bev)
- Gingseng (Bev)
- Guarana (Bev)
- Honey (Bev)
- Isinglass (Bev)
- Jazbay Grapes (Food)
- Lemon (Bev)
- Melon (Food)
- Metheglin (Bev)
- Millet (Food)
- Poultry (Food)
- Red Meat (Food)
- Rice (Bev)
- Rye (Bev)
- Saltrice (Food)
- Seasoning (Food)
- Seaweed (Bev)
- Surilie Grapes (Bev)
- Wheat (Bev)

Note: the "Old xxx" stuff sells for 10g per item (a stack of 100 sells to vendor for 1,000g), which is a pretty good deal.

# Recipes
I checked the list of the recipes that my character knew (after conversion). They are still divided by "Cook" and "Brew", but within those categories there are more categories as you shall see below...

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