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Lorgaire de na Capall


Lorgaire de na Capall

IeleniaSiannodel's Blog

August 03rd, 2020

Ielenia's Guide to Queen's Gauntlet (Most for warrior)

So I finally beat the dark lady yesterday with my warrior, and I know many of us are still trying, so I'd like to share my experience. I also repeated some fight with my ranger and guardian. I'll mainly talk about the warrior cuz so far I think warrior is the easiest class to finish this. I'm from China and my English is not very good, I'll try to explain clearly but you still need to guess my meanning :P


Halmi Hammerfell

This guy is very easy for every class, his normal attack is not deadly and he only have a big-wind attack that will instant kill those who stand in front of him.


Also very easy, every time you attack him he gets bigger and more powerful, so pause your attack after he gets many stacks of buff and wait the buff gone then continue attack.

Windcaller Kieldia

So some people get trouble fight with this lady, especially engineers cuz they lack stability skills. You need stability skill in this fight, and make sure you MAX your dps, cuz if the fight take long there will be wind all around the ground and you'll fail...

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  • Battle Recap:
    Great Run of AC EXP
    It's always happy to play with the family member, cuz you don't need to worry about making mistake, you always have a second or third chance ( We made the defence event nearly 7? or 8 times, lol ). Thank you all for your patient :)