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Lorgaire de na Sailetheach


Lorgaire de na Sailetheach

Awards & Achievements
Devotion Rank 15Fellowship Rank 6
Profile Blog Fellowship Scholar Artisan

Driftkai's News Highlights:

Apr. 09, 2014

The Gaisicoch Celebrate As Driftkai Becomes A Lorgair

Driftkai is known as They have participated in victories over 46 Resources, 19 Defense, 9 Castles, 6 Elder Scrolls, 5 Public Dungeon Bosses, 4 Family Events, 3 Dark Anchors, 3 Public Dungeons, and 1 Outposts by the side of their family. For their outstanding dedication to the family they have been awarded the rank of Lorgair.

   Recent Headlines:
Apr. 09, 2014 Driftkai Has Been Awarded The Title Master Scout
Apr. 06, 2014 Driftkai Has Gained The Rank Of Muinntir
Apr. 06, 2014 Driftkai Has Been Awarded The Title Scout
Apr. 05, 2014 Driftkai Has Been Awarded The Title Devoted Militiamen
Jan. 10, 2014 Driftkai Has Been Awarded The Title Militiamen
Jan. 09, 2014 Driftkai Has Joined The Family