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Curadh de na Fhiaigh


Curadh de na Fhiaigh

Devis's Blog

September 21st, 2019

risen. into a family.

[ this is run on prose. you have been warned. ]

a rift.

sewn from a game of peoples from all over this world. i came into this game as a lark. tired of energy thrown into the bottomless pit of another game. i left it.

a rift opened.

i passed into it.

it was comfortable. passable. familiar. fun. easy in a way. nearly carefree for my gaming brain.

i was reborn. risen.

into the memory of my first mmo, i awoke to find another rift. this one i closed.

again and again i close them now. symbolic. final.

i am having fun again.

thank you.

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