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Curadh de na Sailetheach Donn


Curadh de na Sailetheach Donn

Dauntless's Blog

August 07th, 2020

The Royal Dragoons ( A Goon Squad Story) Pt 1

Captain Dauntless Kane stood atop the ramparts watching the horrors unfold below. The invading army had broken through the wall of the keep and were making a hard push into the inner defenses. Looking towards the distance, he could see the line of Dolyaks coming to resupply the invaders. Quickly he lept from his vantage point to the few soldiers that followed him. He had recently been commissioned by his leige to form a small band of skirmishers to interupt the flow of battle. It was a Royal commission and one the newly commissioned Captain didn't take lightly.

Eyes piercing those of his men like sharpened spears. They were few, but that was the intent of this grungy and sweat-laden group of warriors. The Royal Dragoons, commonly refered to as The Goons, were specially trained at the art of evasion, tactics and working in a small group for mobility and range. operating in the shadows and behind enemy lines. Interupting Supply lines, small targets of opportunity and swiftly moving to a new target...

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