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Lorgaire de na Sailetheach


Lorgaire de na Sailetheach

Awards & Achievements
Devotion Rank 18Fellowship Rank 8
Profile Blog Fellowship Scholar Artisan

Fellowship Record


Darq joined the family on December 1st, 2011 and has earned 2,039 fellowship points for participating in family hosted activities. Their devotion and accomplishments have made them a Footmen within the family. Below is a list of accomplishments Darq has obtained on the field of battle.

Objective Victories Fellowship Points Current Title
Boss Creature 61 1,120 Seasoned Head Collector
Major Rift 55 275 Seasoned Planar Knight
Family Event 19 155 Novice Party Animal
Expert Dungeon 8 240 none
Hunt Rift 7 70 none
Raid Dungeon 3 130 none
Minor Rift 2 4 none
Raid Rift 1 30 none
Elite Creature 1 15 none
Total: 157 2,039  

History of Fellowship

2013.04.05 Darq Has Been Awarded The Title Footmen
2013.03.08 Darq Has Been Awarded The Title Apprentice Footmen
2013.03.05 Darq Has Been Awarded The Title Master Scout
2013.03.04 Darq Has Been Awarded The Title Scout
2013.03.03 Darq Has Been Awarded The Title Novice Party Animal
2013.02.24 Darq Has Been Awarded The Title Devoted Militiamen
2013.02.08 Darq Has Been Awarded The Title Devoted Recruit
2011.12.01 Darq Has Joined The Family