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Seaimpin de na Iomproidh Donn


Seaimpin de na Iomproidh Donn

Awards & Achievements
Devotion Rank 16Valor Rank 6Fellowship Rank 11Artisan Rank 3
Profile Blog Valor Fellowship Scholar Artisan

DarkAngel's News Highlights:

Jul. 24, 2015

DarkAngel Is Awarded The Rank Of Seaimpin

DarkAngel is known as Darkangel Divine, Darkangel Ele, Darkangel Hope, Darkangel Hunter, Darkangel Mes, Darkangel Necro, Darkangel The Man, and Darkangelen. DarkAngel has lead the family in victory over 26 Explorable Dungeon Stages, 5 Family Events, and 5 Explorable Dungeons. They have participated in victories over 262 Supply Camps, 203 Towers, 148 Keeps, 90 Explorable Dungeon Stages, 81 WvW Defenses, 73 Assassinations, 73 Assaults, 72 Defenses, 64 Family Events, 41 Brawls, 21 Champion Creature, 21 Dungeon Stages, 18 Explorable Dungeons, 17 Captures, 15 Gather Missions, 13 Sabotage Events, 8 Assists, 4 Story Dungeons, and 2 Castles by the side of their family. For their outstanding dedication to the family they have been awarded the rank of Seaimpin.

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Dec. 09, 2013 DarkAngel Has Been Awarded The Title Soldiers's Apprentice
Dec. 02, 2013 DarkAngel Has Gained The Rank Of Saighdear
Oct. 14, 2013 DarkAngel Has Been Awarded The Title Master Footmen
Oct. 01, 2013 The Gaisicoch Celebrate As DarkAngel Becomes A Freiceadan
Sep. 27, 2013 DarkAngel Has Been Awarded The Title Footmen
Sep. 19, 2013 DarkAngel Has Been Awarded The Title Apprentice Footmen
Sep. 16, 2013 DarkAngel Posted a Battle Recap: CoF Path 1&2
Sep. 16, 2013 DarkAngel Has Been Awarded The Title Master Scout