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Tiarna de na Iomproidh Gorm


Tiarna de na Iomproidh Gorm

Awards & Achievements
Devotion Rank 20Valor Rank 10Fellowship Rank 11Scholar Rank 3
Profile Blog Valor Fellowship Scholar Artisan

Valor Record

Valor is signified by ones ability to stand strong in the heat of battle. Leaders of family events must show their valor by leading troops into combat and bringing our troops through the battle successfully. The victories below highlight Connor's accomplishments on the battlefield as a leader.


Objective Victories Valor Points Current Title
Minor Rift 70 280 Seasoned Planar Warrior
Boss Creature 63 1,320 Seasoned Head Collector
Onslaught 49 1,960 Skilled Planar Defender
Major Rift 49 490 Skilled Planar Knight
Expert Rift 21 840 Novice Planar Warden
Major Foothold 18 180 Novice Realm Dominator
Zone Invasion 17 680 Novice Realm Protector
Family Event 15 210 Novice Party Animal
Dungeon 13 520 Novice Dungeon Explorer
Expert Dungeon 2 120 none
Total: 317 6,600  


Objective Victories Valor Points Current Title
Minor Rift 144 288 Veteran Planar Warrior
Expert Rift 65 1,300 Seasoned Planar Warden
Major Rift 63 315 Seasoned Planar Knight
Minor Foothold 30 30 Skilled Realm Guardian
Major Foothold 18 90 Novice Realm Dominator
Zone Invasion 13 260 Novice Realm Protector
Family Event 11 70 Novice Party Animal
Raid Rift 6 180 none
Onslaught 5 100 none
Boss Creature 4 40 none
Dungeon 1 20 none
Total: 360 2,693  

Event History

Wolf Pack
(4-9 People)
(10-19 People)
(20-49 People)
(50-99 People)
(100+ People)
15 7 3 0 0 0 317
Guild Wars 2
Date Event Participants FHP Score
Date Event Participants FHP Score
Nov. 10th, 2012 Un-Scheduled Pickup Event 6 218
Jun. 29th, 2012 Gaiscioch Rift Hunt 6 140
Jun. 29th, 2012 Un-Scheduled Pickup Event 7 245
Jun. 26th, 2012 Un-Scheduled Pickup Event 9 165
Jun. 24th, 2012 Gaiscioch PvP / Expert Rift Hunt 10 125
Jun. 24th, 2012 Un-Scheduled Pickup Event 18 685
Nov. 6th, 2011 Un-Scheduled Pickup Event 13 284
Sep. 29th, 2011 Darkening Deeps 5 125
Aug. 31st, 2011 Tier 1: King's Breach 3 215
Aug. 15th, 2011 Abyssal Precipice 3 125
Aug. 14th, 2011 Charmer's Caldera 2 145
Aug. 14th, 2011 Charmer's Caldera 2 75
Aug. 12th, 2011 Runic Descent 4 65
Aug. 11th, 2011 Iron Tomb 4 115
Dark Age of Camelot
Date Event Participants FHP Score

Stories of Valor:

"had an awesome time as always"
  - kiba, Sep. 06. 2012

"Thanks for the run Connor."
  - Nur, Sep. 06. 2012

"You're one funny dude, Aisrine. I'm up for any events you are leading! You did an amazing job in WvW last week and I've not laughed so much in voice comms for a long time! Haha!"
  - Narco, Sep. 04. 2012

"Event was AMAZING Connor :) It was tons of fun, I really enjoyed myself! Looking forward to more!"
  - Thaelinara, Jun. 24. 2012

"The information was clear and concise. Directions were easy to follow. The event was exiting and awesomely fun. Please make this a calendar event!!"
  - Zhanna, Jun. 24. 2012

"Aisrine deserves more than just this token of my appreciation. He has earned my respect for his leadership because of this event he led today. We went everywhere, from Sanctum to Iron Pine Peak from there to Stillmore for a zone event to Moonshade Highlands for another event, of course we had to jump the waterfall then we were off to Droughtlands for porticum updates banners were used freely to make sure those that did not have them could get to where our raid was moving. Shimmersands was next on the list then back to Stillmore for another event and back to Shimmersands there was an Air Rift none of us had seen before. Over the hours it took to encompass all of the fun we were guided to best accomplish the events, scheduled breaks, let individuals open rifts of their choice, invited new guild members and had the raid all say welcome for the joy of making the new person feel good about their decision, explained how different zone events work, and made everyone feel their issues (if they had any) were addressed. He has earned more than just my respect I would like to consider him as a mentor and strive to be more like him because he revels in the joy of the family and the guild. Again I am happy I transferred to this server and joined this wonderful family. "
  - AlexianWyldheart, Nov. 07. 2011

"Great pickup event. Very well led. It was truly a lot of fun."
  - Finnean, Nov. 06. 2011

"Heres to fun times! "
  - Hopeful, Nov. 06. 2011

"Glad to have you in the family. You sir are crack up to listen to in Vent."
  - Donaliam, Oct. 17. 2011

"This is from Dracoglade. Sorry about last night but my electric went off for some time and I was unable to stay online."
  - Dracoglade, Oct. 12. 2011

"Went above and beyond the call of duty"
  - Selrina, Aug. 19. 2011

"You did a wonderful job and your leadership contributed to the experience for all. :) Flanking is a tough job in battle and you made it simple for your group to understand."
  - Chachkie, Aug. 10. 2011

"Led well and kept everyone in check nicely"
  - Schaab, Aug. 09. 2011