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Fili de na Ulchabhan Corcra


Fili de na Ulchabhan Corcra

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Clanorton's Blog

September 22nd, 2020

battle of wallenber a clanorton story

Year 2527
Journal entry 14
Battle of Wallenberg

Tis been 6 years since the fall of my home, the great mining for of Kalazed. The survivors of that battle in the deep confines of the World Edge Mountains are few. Only 1000 of the clan Orton made it out and few hundred of clan oaken shield are left, clans firebrew, ironpike and the mighty stonebreaker clan are all destroyed. The survivors are reduced to selling there crafts to men of the empire. The manlings knights of the order of the broken sword have established a new chapter house in the city of Kislev since theirs in nantook was destroyed when the orcs took Kalazed and destroyed the town of nantook below the fort. We few soldiers left along with the knights have taken up the call to fight for money being hired as men at arms for the war.
One morning clanorton was approached by a Kislev captain. Lord ClanOrton the captain spoke the Tzarina is in need of your dwarfs to protect a caravan heading north to praag. Clan says what does the caravan mean to deliver to praag? Does that matter it’s a paying job dwarf...

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September 22nd, 2020

Tower of Neborhest

I came to marshes of madness as a young engineer hearing the call for help to this cursed lands where oath gold is found and the brave mine it. i came here swearing to kill the terror of the land the vampire lord from old has arisen and has set terror to the land with his undead army. I came to the camp of oathhold where i met Durik Redbeard and he told be of a party setting out to do the same as me.

The next morning i woke to Durik calling for me to come to meeting hall.I cam at once there he introduced me to the fellow adventures.First he introduced our leader rightly named Vampiresbane a warrior priest from the empire, next came a bright wizard by the name of Azazen and a Archmage elfling by the name of Tatja lastly a fellow dwarf named artss an Iron Breakers from ekrund.after a couple of hours of planing we we off to the demons lair along the way we found pockets of resistance from packs of wolf and large vampire bats but they where utterly destroyed bye our party.

The next morning we found our self's at the foot of the mountain we found our way bared by spirits of old soldiers and adventures of lesser worth Resisting our descent upon the mountain with words from sigmar grace our leader said a mighty prayer and vanquished the evil spirit back to the after life...

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September 22nd, 2020

order of the broken sword

The Order of the Broken Sword

The Order of the Broken Sword formed after a band of local freelance knights led by Dott Barthos gathered together to go after a marauding band of Chaos Beastmen. In recent months, these Beastmen terrorized and pillaged several local farms. Their last raid left three entire families slaughtered, a missing farmer's daughter, and three mutilated cows. Something had to be done.

The Knights tracked the Beastmen through the twisted forest to their camp and then readied themselves for battle. During the attack, Dott Barthos squared off against the leader of the foul beasts, Sizlak Grimhoof. In the ensuing battle with the vile Beastman, Dott Barthos was grievously wounded. With the last of his remaining strength, Barthos launched a ferocious attack. His sword swung in a wide arc, smashing against the head of Sizlak Grimhoof. The blow sheared the Beastman'’s skull clean in half, though breaking Barthos' sword in the process. With the Grimhoof defeated, Dott Barthos was filled with righteous fury...

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September 22nd, 2020


real name Snorri barreltok
Homeland: Kalazed in the coal & iron mines of his ancestors which only consider a fort in dwarven standards in the outskirts of kislev 50 leagues north of kislev.

Appearance: about 4 feet tall with orange hair and beard muscular

Personality Traits: he love to drink and fight and sometimes both he quick to anger if honor is called in and long to earn trust but once u have it your whole family line with have it until the end of both lines.

Back story

Clanorton is now the leader of what is left of his clan from kislev after the attack of orcs and their chaos allies he took what was left of the clan and move to praag until the one faithful day his kind could retake their home back from the orcs the battle for the hold was bloody and quick 500 brave Orton clan dwarfs along with handful of their kislev allies and their clanlord oleg defended the secret passage for the women and children and the too old to escape clanorton who was cousin to clanlord oleg was chosen to lead them to safety with only 15 other dwarf soldiers along with sigmar priest helmhammerhand...

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  • Battle Recap:
    ty for take us on this really fun adventure and for putting up with my fatboy norn
  • Battle Recap:
    very early wvwvw
    Thank you to few and stubborn who joined me early this morning had a lot of fun so many good sneak attack we showed them what a small Havock group can do.
  • Battle Recap:
    what a night
    we started the night helping varous areas in elf lands beating back dark elfs and travels to kandrin vally to stomp a hoard of orcs. then we finish the night off drink ales in the redhammer
  • Battle Recap:
    pandoras box wins
    we were in full retreat from the devastating defeat at coveniet of flame. Daghdre the she elf who is a great leader of the long war we have been fighting was trying to rally all order to drakebreakers for one final defense against the impossibly large force of destruction...