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The Tuatha Library
A Collection of Blogs & Member Created Content

October 13 2018
Cylwen Posted a Battle Recap: A fight well fought
Beginning in Dwarf, the guild warband encountered it's first nay-sayer who guaranteed victory for the warband by declaring that everyone should stand out of sight of the healer when defending the Tower. The warband then took on a roaming strategy, chasing Shaman goblins especially the one called Flatfeet. After some adventures, those remaining visited all three lairs in T1, claiming prizes from defeating the bosses there.
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October 07 2018
DocRestless Posted a Guide: Elder Scrolls Online :: World Skill - Legerdemain Starter Guide
This guide will cover just the basics of Legerdemain Skill line which is for Fencing items that you have stolen. I am fairly new to the game so aware so I am using my own knowledge on this. Legerdemain Passive Abilities Improved Hiding Rank I Reduces the Stamina cost of Sneaking by 10%. Legerdemain Rank 1 Rank II Reduces the Stamina cost of Sneaking by 20%. Legerdemain Rank 6 Rank III Reduces the Stamina cost of Sneaking by 30%. Legerdemain Rank 11 Rank IV Reduces the Stamina cost of Sneaking by 40%...
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October 06 2018
Zoewii Posted a Battle Recap: Hoorah for Arah!
Superfast run through Seer's path under Kimbria's leadership and Namrie's mentorship! We played 'hot potato' and tossed around some tears in record time. Special thanks today to all of my fellow Gaiscioch Dungeoneers for the many various lessons and explanations of dungeons this year. I dedicate today's Dungeon Master title to all of you and wear it in fond memory of all of our good times. I simply must express my heartfelt thanks to Old Goat, who imparted to me a sense of calm during my first early dungeon runs, with his helpfully detailed, clever, and often humorous explanations; and deep thanks to Winterlight who encouraged me from the get-go to join in and be part of the dungeon crew - and is always reaching out to ensure that I'm coming to the next event...
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October 06 2018
Talania Posted a Battle Recap: Great run through Arah
Kudos to Zoewii! She got her Dungeon Master. :D Kimbria is great at explaining. Add Namrie to the group and they are the fantastic duo! They both make the Arah paths a fun dungeon to tackle.
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September 30 2018
Danzig Posted a Battle Recap:
Did you wake up way too early on a Saturday morning for your own good.... and now you don't know what to do with yourself? I guarantee that G-Ma Fog's world completion events will help you feel like you never want to sleep in again! I had been meaning to join this event for a while but I am not an early morning person, so woops, I kept sleeping through most of it every week. This week I managed to get myself up and semi-awake in time to join, so with cup of coffee in hand I logged in and joined one of the most refreshing events that I've had the pleasure to be a part of through the Gaiscioch tuatha...
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September 29 2018
Tpeyra Posted a Battle Recap:
Thanks for putting up with me
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September 28 2018
Zoewii Posted a Battle Recap: Leather Farm... Stampede!
Many thanks to Kimbria who led our Friday night adventurers through the Lake Doric leather farm stampede. The more the merrier is true for this event! Living World Season 3 required to hotfoot it over to Lake Doric. Also required is to have several empty inventory bags; beneficial is to have an AoE weapon to use, as more tags equals more leather lootz. We hokey-pokey our way through the courtyard and up the centaur spiral. Hokey pokey? Why yes, we shake a leg and get a move on, as standing still means drawing certain death from the terribly tough turrets...
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September 26 2018
Winterlight Posted a Battle Recap: Guild Wars 1
Thanks to Rom he's been teaching the newbies to GW1 in various quests/missions. If anyone is interested in learning about the GSCH guild in GW1 he does have a post in the forums.
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September 23 2018
Zoewii Posted a Battle Recap: Path of Hero Points and Masteries
This week Old Goat and our company of adventurers carved a path of Hero Point Challenges and Masteries through open world maps: Crystal Oasis, Desert Highlands, Elon Riverlands.
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September 22 2018
FallandirUllarach Posted a Battle Recap: Mayhem in Shor
We had fun storming the castle...
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September 22 2018
Zoewii Posted a Battle Recap: Spicey meatballs
Winter skillfully guided us through our daring dungeon - with spicey meatballs our reward in the end.
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September 22 2018
Zoewii Posted a Battle Recap: Riches in Jahai Bluffs
Riches were discovered in Jahai Bluffs, with champions and legendaries falling to our might swords, staves, and death-stares. This was a great way to tour the new zone - highly recommended, 5 stars!
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September 22 2018
Zoewii Posted a Battle Recap: Protect and Serve
Today our adventurers escorted a tiny but mighty level 6 Baby Bri around Diessa Plateau - zone map completed!
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September 21 2018
Zoewii Posted a Battle Recap: A Star to Guide Us - Story
Our heroes headed off to protect Blish and find a passage to Sun's Refuge.
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September 19 2018
Zoewii Posted a Battle Recap: A Star to Guide Us
A fitting description for our little event! Our star, Winterlight, guided 3, then 4, then 5 of us through the beginning of the newest story. It was a great evening with our star to guide us!
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September 10 2018
Thargond Posted a Battle Recap: Thanks for the invite!
This was my first experience in RoR where it felt like the WAR warbands of the old days. Good planning and direction. I had a lot of fun and can't wait for the next one!
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September 03 2018
Talania Posted a Battle Recap: Great dungeon run with Winter!
Winter was great in explaining the run, and keeping us on task!
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August 16 2018
Tricks Posted a Battle Recap: Smooth as silk
Don't remember but maybe one death. Quick, efficient, was nice!
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August 08 2018
Akiran Posted a Battle Recap: Vetting 2
When Kiltedpiper's Pledge Night was unfortunately cancelled we joined to fill the void and meet the challenge. 2 veteran pledges and 3 keys won! It must be fate that my first time leading a party includes the same dungeon that was my first completed vet dungeon. Thank you to a great team!
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July 29 2018
Winterlight Posted a Battle Recap: Dungeons With Goat
Thanks dad it was a blast doing Dungeons with you tonite!
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