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November 28 2020
Xavyer Posted a Battle Recap: Thanks!
Thank you. It was fun to see the big group clearing one of our old fashioned areas in Metrica. Everyone is great and light hearted.
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November 26 2020
Aryvandar Posted a Battle Recap: A memory
Running with Namrie fractal run, some fractals I haven't done in a very long time, fun times were had :)
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November 23 2020
Kwondri Posted a Battle Recap: Enjoyed my first Walkabout killing world bosses
Chaos, pure chaos. I have no idea how one is supposed to keep everything straight when mob starts fighting. I enjoyed the fun, picked a few goodies and virtually met a few guildmates. So all in all not a bad outing. Oh and I didn't die :) probably thanks to all the buffs and healers around :) Thanks putting on a great event. Wished I could have stayed for the whole thing, but duty calls. Wishing everyone all the best.
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November 21 2020
Scrippy Posted a Battle Recap: Sometimes you need to beat down a dragon
Selara, our fearless leader, heard that this dragon had fancy looking weapons if you shook them down for lunch money. And possibly gave them a swirly. Sadly, none of us got the weapon, forcing us to look to tomorrow to shake them down for lunch money again. Maybe next time they'll give us lunch.
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November 15 2020
Lupak Posted a Battle Recap: Sunday Adventures
We did Pharos Sirius Dungeon, The fist of Alexander 8 man, the Syrcus tower 24 man alliance raid and we end on the insanity that is the Singularity Reactor.
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November 08 2020
Xavyer Posted a Battle Recap: Great event
Had a lot of fun, particularly the group photo we took. Thank you. I was able to find a few things I hadn't been able to get in the city.
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November 02 2020
CerrisCharredOak Posted a Battle Recap: Ascent into Madness
Just a quick Guild Run for Ascent into Madness before our time ran out!
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October 31 2020
Briseadh Posted a Battle Recap: The Infamous Steve!
So we killed him FIVE times. He did do one wipe on us because of showing up, we start fighting him and then someone opened the door with the big old daddy candy corn. If it hadn't been for that happening we not have had a full wipe with Steve involved. TAKE THAT, STEVE! A fun time had by all and boy did we rack in some loots and achievos!
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October 31 2020
Wraith Posted a Battle Recap: The Halloween spooktacular!
I hadn't really participated in any of the halloween events at all. I've been super busy lately, and just haven't had time to play GW2. GMA's events have really given me an opportunity to feel like I just haven't completely missed out on the festival. Great events, that I really appreciated!
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October 11 2020
Winterlight Posted a Battle Recap: Strikes with Sscripko
Was very fun, he explained things that was easy to understand. Best part lots of loot!
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October 08 2020
Aryvandar Posted a Battle Recap: fun times
Good ole T4 fratals oh how I miss thee. Overall went smooth :)
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September 01 2020
Kiobio Posted a Battle Recap: We Didn't Start The Fire
Tonight's TW was a chaotic mess. We were besieged on all sides, though we weren't the ones who began the fighting. Three houses came up to hit us tonight: ConnoliCrew and TheCrusade of alliance Acquiescence and LYSdeFer of Dragon's Fury. While we had had bad relations with Dragon's Fury in the past, we had been relatively neutral towards each other. As for Acquiescence, we were actually allies before tonight. So then, why did this all happen? Why were we attacked by our allies and an old enemy? Well, it all started with one of our alliance members, Natures...
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September 01 2020
WilliamBrandis Posted a Battle Recap: Jealous wannabe streamer takes almost 30 minutes to take a farm
So about a billion people came out and attacked us and our allies. We started off defending our own places but then our allies were getting pounded so we went to help them. Then people poked us for a bit but nothing really happened for thirty minutes. Then it got real. A bunch of people started taking our core cities but were leaving the farm alone. This this dude's guild, some guy who likes to pretend he is a famous twitch streamer but doesn't even know how to transition, they full stack on our farm...
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August 30 2020
WilliamBrandis Posted a Battle Recap: Abused rabbits, found out murder was illegal
So I was so poor I didn't even have the waypoints for this. Kitty felt real bad for me because I'm bad at games and followed me around while everyone else is flying around on their cosmic rabbits and space ships. Meanwhile I had a stupid rabbit. Anyways eventually I get to the fights and there are so many colors going on it is like someone threw a bag of skittles into an explosion. I really didn't have any idea of what was going on but I was playing a LazyWar so it was fine - just hit 2 and sometimes F1, profit...
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August 29 2020
WilliamBrandis Posted a Battle Recap: Matrix
So I had no idea what I am doing, and during this fight this other player completely kicked my ass. So I was about to die when I heard a voice from the heavens go "ROLL RIGHT". So figuring I was dead anyway I rolled left. The voice then told me "RUN" so I ran. There was a fence. It was impassable. Death was certain, I had 1 hit point left. However the left fence was not impassable so I jumped that. The guy chasing me couldn't make the jump. "KEEP RUNNING". "GO LEFT". "YOUR OTHER LEFT"...
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August 29 2020
Wraith Posted a Battle Recap: Great fun
These Saturday morning events are great fun, and I almost always learn something new about the game that I didn't know. I've been playing the game for about 8 months, but this is still a great opportunity to learn tips and tricks.
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August 26 2020
Wraith Posted a Battle Recap: Good Event for a newb!
I haven't been in Fractals except Namries guides. Ive learned a lot by playing this event. Trying to attend it regularly.
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August 14 2020
verve Posted a Battle Recap: Sunspire, Check
our fearless leader ran us through one of our most difficult trails with minimal (i think 2) loss of life. the crew really worked together as a team. Congrats and thank you to all!
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August 13 2020
Rev Posted a Battle Recap: Only a matter of time
With this event, I finally unlocked the warclaw. Now I can keep up with the pack. Also, the site says that there is a bonus to WvW experience next week. I hope we have lots of wvw events to take advantage. (Yes, I could run them myself, but I am too inexperienced in wvw to tag up.)
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August 08 2020
Taco Posted a Battle Recap:
A very fun 7 hours today! :-)
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