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April 03 2020
Caludon Posted a Battle Recap: The band of adventurers could not be stopped...
It was a dark night when the small band of GSCH guildmates gathered in Stormhold. Their fearless leader, Random Alchemist, leading his first Guild Event, gathered them all in and told them the plan. They would run the gauntlet of all 15 challenges that the Undaunted could throw at them! They would then live in glory and loot beyond measure. THe group, made of veteran and newer adventurers, joined in eagerly. Using his cunning network of other Random friends, the group quicly blitzed through boss after boss on their way toward the Undaunted glory! After taking down all 15 bosses, they were rewarded with the chicken on a chair to appreciate...
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April 02 2020
DocRestless Posted a Battle Recap: Wolcen w Trithian
We spend some time doing storymode and find new gear for both are toons. Level 30+ and Level 50+ we played as.
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February 27 2020
Akiran Posted a Battle Recap: Blackrose Prision Arena 2
After doing a few runs of daily quests in Murkmire, we decided to take on the Blackrose Prison arena for a normal run. We did pretty well, despite the tank crashing on almost every round of every level.
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February 25 2020
Akiran Posted a Battle Recap: Murkmire Mardi Gras
It was a true Fat Tuesday in Murkmire, with inventory bursting at the seams from double loot chest rewards from daily quests.
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February 22 2020
Akiran Posted a Battle Recap: Blackrose Prision Arena
A nice successful first run of Murkmire's Blackrose Prision arena.
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February 02 2020
Akiran Posted a Battle Recap: Scamp of Mayhem
Another mission for Imperial City/Sewer bosses, where we were fortunate to find and take out the elusive Trove Scamp.
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February 02 2020
Akiran Posted a Battle Recap: The Midyear Horrors of Imperial City
Our mission was to complete the Midyear Mayhem achievement, Midyear Horror of Horrors, by tracking down and killing all 12 of the district bosses in the Imperial City. Despite significant resistance, as well as occasional assistance, from the blueberries and lemons (does that make us cherries or apples, lol), we completed a number of quests and captured districts while hunting the following bosses: Amoncrul and Baron Thirsk in Nobles, Gorgoloch the Destroyer and King Khrogo in Arena, Immolator Charr and Mazaluhad in Temple, Nunatak and Volghass in Memorial, Lady Malygda and Ysenda Resplendent in Arboretum, Screaching Matron and Zoal the Ever Wakeful in Elven Gardens...
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January 21 2020
Radbout Posted a Battle Recap: Hard-fought win
We arrived at the brink of dawn, ready to take any and all brutaL warriors on with elaborate tactics and deeply thought out strategies, armed to the teeth with the best uncommon weapons a new player can find. It was a brutal fight indeed, but in the end, their farmers stood no chance and were no match for us. GG!
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January 13 2020
Thokar Posted a Battle Recap: Got er done
Took us awhile, but we got er done! Got me some nice upgrades in the process! Thanks for the run!!
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January 07 2020
Beliar Posted a Battle Recap: Continuation of Group Zone Clear
We continued on after the main GZC to truly clear the remaining non-quest content in the zone.
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December 26 2019
Winterlight Posted a Battle Recap: Northern Mirkwood LOTRO
Thanks for the help in getting some of the obscure treasure caches and dwarf markers plus starting a few deeds.
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December 22 2019
SigmundNorthwind Posted a Battle Recap:
This was the Guild Missions group event for Sunday the 22nd.
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December 18 2019
Squishyarch Posted a Battle Recap: Ch 40 A Hop, a Skip, and a Very Big Jump in Phase 2, or, Jump Varder, Jump!
When last we saw our intrepid adventurers they were celebrating their victory over the Fire Lord. However, the censors we not amused with some of the...shall we say, shenanigans, of the height impaired. I don't care how long her beard was, your mother would NOT approve! Having survived the morning after, our adventuring crew, and their willing pawns, now ventured into the heart of a stank, stinking swamp to steal. er, rescue much wanted loots from the dirty dragon Onyxia. Our crew once again ventured through the trash and quickly faced her reptilian foe...
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December 17 2019
Floutsy Posted a Battle Recap: BRD - Almost Full Clear
Got MC attunement for Zhanqi and cleared most of BRD, only time and fatigue limited our progress. No full wipes, awesome group.
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December 16 2019
Squishyarch Posted a Battle Recap: Chapter 38, Lava IS hot, or how BearBear learned to dance
When last we saw our band of intrepid adventurers they were punted out of the Fire Lord's pit with a mighty sweep of his hammer. Not being smarter than the average bear, Aylune organized another attempt to take the Fire Lord's Majordomo's fancy ring. Who said a girl couldn't look good while covered in the blood of her enemies! Wearing his fancy new duds, and swinging his pointy new stick, the Valiant Varder waded back into the cave, laughing in the face of impending doom. Blazing Elementals, hulking giants, baying core hounds and cackling imps all fell prey to his taunts, while the Brave and Fierce BT (the true hero of our tale) showed the worth of fang and claw...
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December 13 2019
Floutsy Posted a Battle Recap: Felwood - Timbermaw and Jaedenar
Escorting Arko'narin, cleansing several plants for the Cenarion Circle, and finding the source of the corruption in Jaedenar.
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December 09 2019
Zhanqi Posted a Battle Recap: Gnomeregan
Potsticker - tank Briganta - heals Chuesis - dps Salixie - dps Afflictdavit - dps, dungeon master ;) smoothest Gnomer run ever... /drops_mic
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December 06 2019
Eyrena Posted a Battle Recap: Award of valor for Fogladha
For leadership skill.
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December 04 2019
Floutsy Posted a Battle Recap: Eastern Plaguelands: Level 60 in sight
Encountered Zul'Brin Warppatch at Zul'Mashar and made quick dispatch of him. Zhanqi very close to 60, Floutsy 50% to go!
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December 02 2019
Zhanqi Posted a Battle Recap: Zul Farak
A welcome back event for Droptop after returning from deployment. Dungeon quests completed including the ever popular Gahz’rilla’s scale for the trinket. Droptop attained level 47. Pliney attached Mithril spurs to those who did not already have a set on their boots. The %6 mounted speed increase is appreciated! Roscoe - tank Pliney - tank/oh Floutsy - dps/cc Droptop - dps/ot/oh Zhanqi - dps
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