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The Tuatha Library
A Collection of Blogs & Member Created Content

December 06 2018
Konyth Posted a Battle Recap: Our first twitch stream featuring Adventure Roll
Tonight, our campaign was treated to a climatic encounter designed with Allied Games' 3D virtual tabletop. This environment adds a whole new dimension to D&D, with beautifully visualized environments that supplement the "theater of the mind". We confronted the mastermind behind the demon invasion, Searos, along with his demon, whom he thinks he is controlling. Actually "seeing" Searos along with a massive demon was wonderfully immersive. Switching to first person and having to literally look up to see the demon's head...
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December 01 2018
Cylwen Posted a Battle Recap: Tier 1 clash of foes
While the bugle call went out to all the forces of Order to join the fight, help was slow in coming. In the meantime, the armies of Destruction wrought havoc upon the poor folk of Nordland. Pleas for help came from the Elf lands, as its defenders called for more support to keep out the horde. It was to no avail, as the invaders arrived in full fury. A highly disciplined and focussed unit, systematically sought out and squashed all resistance. Yet Order did not give up. Finally Order mustered the numbers to field a full warband, and began to harass the invaders...
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November 20 2018
Beliar Posted a Battle Recap: Group 2 from Kiltedpiper pledge night
Vet runs of Fungal Grotto II and Crypt of Hearts II.
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November 14 2018
Louhi Posted a Blog: Hallo all
Well, it´s nice to be back :) See ya out there. Regards Louhi
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November 07 2018
Danzig Posted a Battle Recap: In Which Doc Sets up Camp and I Loot Everything!
This was the second open beta testing event for Fallout 76 that happened recently (the third one will be tomorrow friends) and Doc was nice enough to set up a key so that I could join him. After spending a good hour or so actually figuring out how to play the game, we got to meet up at a camp of his that was already set up with work stations and turrets galore. The workstations that you capture throughout the world spawn events every hour that will have you defend them against npc mobs and that was the first part of the game I experienced with Doc - so armed with a machete that he made I helped him clear out that event...
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November 07 2018
Danzig Posted a Battle Recap: In Which Novus Carried Us Through Some Fractals!
This group started as a t4 fractal group for the day since many were talking about how they don't do fractals a lot/don't enjoy doing them as much without friends, and this group did prove why doing fractals with friends is just way more fun! We got through all of the t4 fractals fast enough that we decided to even do the daily recommended ones for the day cause why not? Sadly tho Novus had to go to bed before we did those and somehow it took us 30 minutes longer to do 3 lower tier fractals than the t4s...
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November 02 2018
Abbi Posted a Battle Recap: Achievement FUN!
We were off on a great adventure through the sands for the hunt for achievements. Mika is a grand leader and so much fun to run around with. A few of us got 2, 3 and 4 achievements today. Join us next week for an amazing time. Thank you Mika
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November 01 2018
Abbi Posted a Battle Recap: Raiding Fun
We have improved soo much and I am very proud of our little group!!! And we have the best teachers anyone could ask for Mika and Namrie!!
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October 27 2018
Cylwen Posted a Battle Recap: A Tale of Three Zones (Twitch streamed)
Dwarf The battle started with Destro at 100% in Dwarf, and equal numbers. Destro held the Mt Bloodhorn side, while Order filled the Tower with the main force, and a small party camped on the Cannon Battery. Destro made a move on Cannon with half a wb, but were soon met with the brutal force of the gathered Order from Tower. They made a valiant assault on Tower, but met battle outside and were forced to run. Thereafter, Destro's numbers began to dwindle, and Order moved to take Ironmane Outpost and Lookout in short order...
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October 26 2018
Meagh Posted a Battle Recap: BDO Friday Night Event
Make sure to claim participation for the three activities! Quick Node war against Gravitas Guild Boss Guild RBF
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October 25 2018
Cylwen Posted a Battle Recap: Allaince SF WB
With the alliance Wb led by Salt Factory, several guild members participating in a kill fest that drenched the group in RR. Fierce competition between the BWs led to high kill rates. Yamchaa the SH made himself a bit of a target. Meanwhile the pug wb led by Fog snuck around claiming BOs and sieging the keep leading to a solid victory in Eaitane. The alliance Wb led Destro a merry dance through DW, while Fog's pugs fired up T2 Elf for an undeniable keep take when the alliance team turned up...
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October 25 2018
Danzig Posted a Battle Recap: A fun end to the event with some Gorseval training
Our group moved onto Vale Guardian in the Spirit Vale after Bastion of the Penitent. Vale Guardian went fairly smoothly as well - a few times greens became an issue but overall they were taken care of nicely, cc was good I think, tanking went awesome, etc. The really great part of the event tho was that we were able to venture as a guild into the spirit woods - which I believe was a new adventure for many guildies! For the most part this also went smoothly, altho the jumping puzzle towards the end defeated us a few times - woops! Namrie did a great job on training how to do Gorseval with fast break no updrafts and slower break no updrafts and we got through the first third of the fight - which shows a majority of the mechanics...
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October 25 2018
Danzig Posted a Battle Recap: What a smooth run!
Today's adventure into the Bastion of The Penitent has been my first one in a while - probably about a month or 2 since I was last able to run with Gaiscioch's static Thursday Group and it is clear that the group has made a lot of progress since then. We started with Cairn and one shot him easily with what I believe were no deaths in the group, and then Mursaat Overseer, despite getting a little messier towards the end, was a similarly smooth experience with none of the hic-ups involving soldier control that we were having in the past...
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October 21 2018
AdjutantAvocado Posted a Battle Recap: Mad King's Labyrinth

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October 20 2018
Cylwen Posted a Battle Recap: Hello Destro!
Destro were out in force and even our best attempts to barricade the Nordland XI boat were unsuccessful. It seems that Destro players took heed of this event announcement but Order did not!
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October 13 2018
Cylwen Posted a Battle Recap: A fight well fought
Beginning in Dwarf, the guild warband encountered it's first nay-sayer who guaranteed victory for the warband by declaring that everyone should stand out of sight of the healer when defending the Tower. The warband then took on a roaming strategy, chasing Shaman goblins especially the one called Flatfeet. After some adventures, those remaining visited all three lairs in T1, claiming prizes from defeating the bosses there.
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October 07 2018
DocRestless Posted a Guide: Elder Scrolls Online :: World Skill - Legerdemain Starter Guide
This guide will cover just the basics of Legerdemain Skill line which is for Fencing items that you have stolen. I am fairly new to the game so aware so I am using my own knowledge on this. Legerdemain Passive Abilities Improved Hiding Rank I Reduces the Stamina cost of Sneaking by 10%. Legerdemain Rank 1 Rank II Reduces the Stamina cost of Sneaking by 20%. Legerdemain Rank 6 Rank III Reduces the Stamina cost of Sneaking by 30%. Legerdemain Rank 11 Rank IV Reduces the Stamina cost of Sneaking by 40%...
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October 06 2018
Zoewii Posted a Battle Recap: Hoorah for Arah!
Superfast run through Seer's path under Kimbria's leadership and Namrie's mentorship! We played 'hot potato' and tossed around some tears in record time. Special thanks today to all of my fellow Gaiscioch Dungeoneers for the many various lessons and explanations of dungeons this year. I dedicate today's Dungeon Master title to all of you and wear it in fond memory of all of our good times. I simply must express my heartfelt thanks to Old Goat, who imparted to me a sense of calm during my first early dungeon runs, with his helpfully detailed, clever, and often humorous explanations; and deep thanks to Winterlight who encouraged me from the get-go to join in and be part of the dungeon crew - and is always reaching out to ensure that I'm coming to the next event...
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October 06 2018
Talania Posted a Battle Recap: Great run through Arah
Kudos to Zoewii! She got her Dungeon Master. :D Kimbria is great at explaining. Add Namrie to the group and they are the fantastic duo! They both make the Arah paths a fun dungeon to tackle.
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September 30 2018
Danzig Posted a Battle Recap:
Did you wake up way too early on a Saturday morning for your own good.... and now you don't know what to do with yourself? I guarantee that G-Ma Fog's world completion events will help you feel like you never want to sleep in again! I had been meaning to join this event for a while but I am not an early morning person, so woops, I kept sleeping through most of it every week. This week I managed to get myself up and semi-awake in time to join, so with cup of coffee in hand I logged in and joined one of the most refreshing events that I've had the pleasure to be a part of through the Gaiscioch tuatha...
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