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April 26 2021
Caludon Posted a Battle Recap: A bittersweet night of Undaunted romps
It was a bittersweet night of Undaunted questing as Beliar took up the mantle of group leadership for the final time before his sabbatical. With words of wisdom and an efficiency of leading, he took the band of GSCH members through nearly a score of missions proposed by Bogrul from the Guild. All tasks were handled expediently and much loot was reaped as a result. At the end of the evening, rounds were had and well-wishes for the honored leader on his new adventure.
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April 06 2021
Riotus Posted a Battle Recap: Valheim hijinks
An intrepid group of professional warriors and a newb set out to find adventure (and each other) in the world of Valheim. Days are spent searching for friends, nights are spent huddled in fear; an ocean voyage almost ends in disaster and the end of a troll is lit on fire. Finally, the party arrives at Kitty's lake house only for Fog to leap to his doom.
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April 03 2021
Atram Posted a Battle Recap: Rebels at the horizon
Today we heard the bad news, rebel camps raised around our loved cities. Thanks to some brave soldiers the threat is disappeared quickly. Even sometimes they had to go back to our loved cities to heal or because someone (who we don't name) forgot to bring in the loud and crazy berserkers to the fight. But after the hiccups, they all went in, without fear or in one case actually without arrows. Either way, they WON and that's the only thing meter. We learned a few thing tonight: - don't press "5" if you have ranged units - don't say something is not spawning on easy level, because for sure it will! - 1111 is not "F" and not "25"...
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March 21 2021
Scrippy Posted a Battle Recap: The Title is a Lie!
Yanni led us through T3/T4 fractals, not just the low level ones. Much loot was had!
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March 17 2021
Darcy Posted a Battle Recap: Thanks
Namrie....Thank you for always being so patient with really are a great teacher, there is so much about this game that I have learned from YOU !You are the best
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March 13 2021
Dallan Posted a Battle Recap: Great time as a new player
I had a great time meeting everyone during the World Completion event. Mist was a great leader and very patient, even when I was accidentally spamming skills in chat. Also appreciated getting bags and general advice.
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March 03 2021
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: Strike Mission
I have been away from strikes for a while and forgot how much fun they can be. Of course Scripko made it fun and easy. Great instructions and patience. Great running with him again. Awesome asset to the guild. I will certainly try to make more of his runs!
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January 29 2021
Kitty Posted a Battle Recap: Fire! Fire! Fire!
We were there, once again, trying to save the moon and have a fun run. But Kitty had other plans. Kitty wanted to try Sargon, the traitor. It went well. If we ignore the fact that we wiped in the first map. You see, Sargon's attacks and powers have friendly fire, it affects everyone, Kitty, Gma, Sscripko, the enemies, everyone dies at the fire. By the second map we were more aware on how deadly those attacks and how much the health goes apoof between that and the enemies. We grew in confidence, we danced and moved and attacked like one entity...
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January 03 2021
Berga Posted a Battle Recap: Non nobis, sed omnibus!
Something strange happened. On a whim I asked two passing ducks what those Monastic Knights were mumbling under their breath. They said it's Latin and means “Not for us, but for all!” I asked them how they knew, and they said they didn't, they were just a search engine. As if that was an answer. I was about to tell them this when I realized that this line of inquiry was going nowhere. We had roasted duck with red wine sauce that evening. This was still a very unsettling experience I don't quite know how to handle...
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December 27 2020
Berga Posted a Battle Recap: Nothing really matters...
... because the quests are broken anyway. Yes, our gods gave us a new season and then abandoned us to enjoy the holidays. Well, the fights themselves work... if they ever happen. I mean, yeah, that makes it a more accuarate representation of conflicts, most of the time you won't be fighting but waiting. So... it's a feature?!? More then enought time to enjoy the winter gifts, which are actually nice. And all the white. So much white. I think I'm snow blind now, can't see where I put my guys anymore...
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December 27 2020
Berga Posted a Battle Recap: Veni, vidi, vici!
And if I knew any latin I'd make it say WE came, WE saw, We conquered. But alas, I don't. So if anyone asks about the hole in the big wall, it was there before! I swear! Also Marauders, they keep running around all day and never run out of food, it's not fair! What are they eating?!? OH. OH NO. I'll be in the tavern, trying to forget... things.
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December 09 2020
BadMojo Posted a Battle Recap:
Beliar as always, did an Outstanding job leading us through Kyne's Aegis, teaching the mechanics, and keeping pace toward completion ????
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November 28 2020
Xavyer Posted a Battle Recap: Thanks!
Thank you. It was fun to see the big group clearing one of our old fashioned areas in Metrica. Everyone is great and light hearted.
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November 26 2020
Aryvandar Posted a Battle Recap: A memory
Running with Namrie fractal run, some fractals I haven't done in a very long time, fun times were had :)
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November 23 2020
Kwondri Posted a Battle Recap: Enjoyed my first Walkabout killing world bosses
Chaos, pure chaos. I have no idea how one is supposed to keep everything straight when mob starts fighting. I enjoyed the fun, picked a few goodies and virtually met a few guildmates. So all in all not a bad outing. Oh and I didn't die :) probably thanks to all the buffs and healers around :) Thanks putting on a great event. Wished I could have stayed for the whole thing, but duty calls. Wishing everyone all the best.
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November 21 2020
Scrippy Posted a Battle Recap: Sometimes you need to beat down a dragon
Selara, our fearless leader, heard that this dragon had fancy looking weapons if you shook them down for lunch money. And possibly gave them a swirly. Sadly, none of us got the weapon, forcing us to look to tomorrow to shake them down for lunch money again. Maybe next time they'll give us lunch.
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November 15 2020
Lupak Posted a Battle Recap: Sunday Adventures
We did Pharos Sirius Dungeon, The fist of Alexander 8 man, the Syrcus tower 24 man alliance raid and we end on the insanity that is the Singularity Reactor.
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November 08 2020
Xavyer Posted a Battle Recap: Great event
Had a lot of fun, particularly the group photo we took. Thank you. I was able to find a few things I hadn't been able to get in the city.
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November 02 2020
CerrisCharredOak Posted a Battle Recap: Ascent into Madness
Just a quick Guild Run for Ascent into Madness before our time ran out!
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October 31 2020
Briseadh Posted a Battle Recap: The Infamous Steve!
So we killed him FIVE times. He did do one wipe on us because of showing up, we start fighting him and then someone opened the door with the big old daddy candy corn. If it hadn't been for that happening we not have had a full wipe with Steve involved. TAKE THAT, STEVE! A fun time had by all and boy did we rack in some loots and achievos!
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