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February 16 2019
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: Great adventure
I can not believe what a great accomplishment this run was today. I got pieces for collections, mastery point and great achievement points! Plus a great amount of loot!!! Fog does a great job of getting participants to stay as a group! I appreciate that because I sometimes get lost. lol Also, I like that we go to different maps each week for more mastery points and achievement points. It all really helps! Oh and one more thing, a chance to win shinnies!!!!
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February 16 2019
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: Rags to Riches
This run is another run that I try o always attend. It is a great way to have fun with guildies and get loot. I seem to always get parts to collections, unlocked gear and loads of materials! In addition I a get a few achievements on the way by chance. Directions and boss mechanics are given and always clear. Love Mika's runs. And he can be funny too.
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February 09 2019
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: Silverwaste Rages to Riches
This run is one I always greatly look forward too! Mika is a great teacher and leader. I make 1734 gold and I don't know how much materials because I had to keep emptying my bags! I saved all my envelopes and other items that are affected by magic find. I still have over 7 stacks left because I had to finally quit to go the the great adventure run. I plan to run with Mika again on Tuesday to open the remainder. The Blog that Mika posted gave all the information needed to prepare for this run! So much fun and lots of exotic gear to sell, salvage or put in the toilet! YAHOO!
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February 09 2019
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: Great Adventure
It is always so much fun running with guildies. I really had a great time and great loot.
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February 07 2019
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: fractals
I was in Mika's group and as always I learned alot. Thank you for the run
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February 03 2019
Winterlight Posted a Battle Recap: Citadel Of Flame
Thanks goat for the fun as always!
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January 26 2019
Winterlight Posted a Battle Recap: Great Tyrian Adventure
Lots of fun and loot to be held plus running around chasing our esteemed leader without dying was a bonus!
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January 25 2019
Oldgoat Posted a Battle Recap: Amazing group of Guildies
This squad performed admirably. They stayed back and assisted each other when someone got tripped up and couldn't join us at the next fight. The mesmers dropped portals when they were needed. This event succeeded because everyone pitched in and helped out.
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January 24 2019
Deathjammer Posted a Battle Recap: A dog, a cat, a bunny, and a cow all walk into a bar......
Originally the ESO activity was going to be trials. Unfortunately, we were not able to do that activity but Sir Henry was able to put together 2 vet and a normal pledge dungeon. It was a very enjoyable experience and we were able to defeat all the bosses which was good too. It was a learning experience as I was given tips and learned techniques on new bosses from the dungeons. It was a very enjoyable experience and I recommend people take advantage and join us in activities in ESO. I am the cute bunny, just for the record...
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January 23 2019
Deathjammer Posted a Battle Recap: Hero and Mastery Run
I participated in the Hero and Mastery Run in GW2 last night. I had a great time. I have been in previous HP and mastery runs, but this was a little different. One thing that can sometimes drive me crazy is signing up and doing the same things over and over again. While I understand new people join, and they need to get stuff too, for the current people doing the same things over again such as the same zone for HP and Mastery is not as fun as it could be. I liked at the end that next time we will be continuing onward, not redoing what we did...
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January 22 2019
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: adventure
I had a really good time. Fun running with the guildies!
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January 21 2019
Deathjammer Posted a Battle Recap: Undaunted the "Easy Way" NOT!
Well, our glorious leader Verve #1 (Verve #2 was our own Uber service) took us on the exciting Undaunted Guild Missions today. It involved many exciting trips to a variety of delves. So our adventure started off with one member of the group, disappearing ( He had to change his outfit ( LOL). (Little did our adventures know this was the first of many many many people disappearing ( well more like 1 person disappearing constantly). In each of the delves we ran and fought valiantly doing our very best to kill the boss and pick objects before a person went link dead...
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January 19 2019
Twig Posted a Battle Recap: The Oldgoat!
As usual the Oldgoat lead all us youngsters on an epic tour of Vabbi and The Desolation to collect needed Mastery Points and Hero Points. He is patient with us and makes sure we all behave and and get the shineys we all desire. If it's Masteries, and HPs you desire then this is the event for you.
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January 16 2019
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: Sccripco
I was in a group where sccripco ran the group through the new fractal, he did an excellent job of explaining it to me. This was my first time and had a blast
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January 13 2019
Akiran Posted a Battle Recap: Cyrodiil Epic Campaign
An 11 hour marathon, highlighted by achieving the 4 elusive skyshards behind the enemy gates and 4 of the Elder Scolls. A fun and productive run for all!
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January 12 2019
Winterlight Posted a Battle Recap: Closer To The Stars
What fun, Doc took us through the Mission of Closer to The Stars, lots of fun and loot to be had!
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December 26 2018
Winterlight Posted a Battle Recap: Freezie
Thanks Rosalie for your guidance in helping us beat Freezie in The Secret Lair of the Snowman!
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December 16 2018
Meagh Posted a Guide: Acquiring Siege Weapons and other gear in CB
Something many may have missed is that you can acquire and build siege weapons (and other gear) in the Siege Beta Test right now, even without being able to PVE for the resources. Simply visit the Smuggler in town. There you can buy all the raw ingredients to begin crafting as soon as you have the level to open them up. Once you have the required ingredients pick up the design for your siege weapon from the Draughtsman. Finally build your siege weapon (or other gear) at the Workshop...
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December 15 2018
Eluveittie Posted a Battle Recap: Conqueror's Blade Beta Weekend
We got to try out and play the new siege game. Had a great time learning and dying. No falling off a cliff just some walls.
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December 06 2018
Konyth Posted a Battle Recap: Our first twitch stream featuring Adventure Roll
Tonight, our campaign was treated to a climatic encounter designed with Allied Games' 3D virtual tabletop. This environment adds a whole new dimension to D&D, with beautifully visualized environments that supplement the "theater of the mind". We confronted the mastermind behind the demon invasion, Searos, along with his demon, whom he thinks he is controlling. Actually "seeing" Searos along with a massive demon was wonderfully immersive. Switching to first person and having to literally look up to see the demon's head...
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