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August 09 2019
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: FOG'S Friday night LOTRO run
Just another Fog gets us all killed a lot run. Death everywhere. Lots of dirt naps tonight. Can't wait for next week. See you all there. :) V
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July 22 2019
Winterlight Posted a Battle Recap: GSCH Raiders
What a lovely romp in the neighborhood of Enedewiath with my fellow guildies!
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July 21 2019
Sword Posted a Battle Recap: fun
was fun... big learning curve in this game. but really enjoy it. we had a few trys at attacking another guilds fief. they were way higher level but we tried hard and fought bravely. :)
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July 17 2019
Beliar Posted a Battle Recap: normal Sunspire
We traveled to Elsweyr, cleared out the Shrines of Jone and Jode, and vanquished the three dragons.
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July 12 2019
Breg Posted a Battle Recap: Revisiting Gondamon and Tuckborough
We're getting better. Did Trouble in Tuckburough in two separate groups and then came together to do Gondamon a couple of times. Attempted tier III Gondamon on the second go but Mathi didn't survive. I think this is really doable for us. We just need to keep Mathi alive - we took out 2 out of the 3 dragons and the party was mostly alive. We probably need to run an audit of gear and have those of us that can craft get behind and support people that need better gear. It was great fun though. Looking forward to next week.
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July 11 2019
Maxina Posted a Battle Recap: First Ever Trials Run
I have been waiting, and working for months to get most of my characters ready to do Trials. What fun we all had in Sunspire! And after downing all the dragons, I received a huge trophy to hang on my house wall. I am ready for many more, hoping to even further my skills as a player, and my gear. Thanks Gaiscioch, for providing the means. Max
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July 10 2019
JojoorJo Posted a Battle Recap: 5 stars
Was fun. Would recommend. Doing it on Wednesday has completely made me confused all week on what day it was but I only hold a small grudge.
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July 10 2019
Beliar Posted a Battle Recap: Sunspire
We vanquished the three dragons of Sunspire.
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July 09 2019
Breg Posted a Battle Recap: To the defence of Dwarves and Hobbits
Today was the day of the short people with Fog leading us through learning skirmishes. AFter those that needed to completed their skirmish tutorials, we did the Defence of Gondamon skirmish a couple of times (in separate groups and then together as a raid). We then did Trouble in Tuckborough which had some challenging mobs; a guy immune to damage was a mystery to all of us until we worked out that we had to pull him into a yellow circle to make him vulnerable. A good run and some good learnings in there also.
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July 08 2019
Beliar Posted a Battle Recap: vDSA & nBRP
First three arenas in vet Dragonstar Area followed by the first three in normal Black Rose Prison.
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June 29 2019
Breg Posted a Battle Recap: Varder leads the Gaiscioch through the Misty Mountains (2019.06.29)
[I know this is really bad but just a bit of fun dramatising our time together in the misty mountains. Also the end is totally not how things went down but I got tired and had to take a nap.] THE PRANCING PONY Arrayed before doors of the Prancing Pony, a merry band of free folk waited patiently upon their brooding mounts eager to hear the words of Gandalf - the grey wanderer. Exiting the tavern came a dwarf, clothed in fine elfish armour, blue and white gold glinting in the mid day sun. "Into the tavern...
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June 27 2019
Coaxochdas Posted a Battle Recap: very sad

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June 06 2019
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: fractal event
This was a great learning experience for the group. I accidentally chose T4 instead of T3. We struggled but got really far before anyone noticed my error. Namrie gave us some great hints on how we can improve and is now going to add some healing training to this run. In my opinion, the fractals that we attempted were the most difficult. They were the ones I usually skip on T4. I hope I can continue to attend. Namrie was very patient and supportive regarding how challenging it was to progress...
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May 31 2019
RoseDeFeu Posted a Battle Recap: Hunt for achievement
I had a blast at this event! The scenery was great and the leader was even greater! I was able to complete 4 achievements and a mastery point! It took us numerous times to do the story to complete. Mika was so patient with my numerous errors. lol He was very encouraging that kept all of us going. We laughed and had a great time! I am very appreciative to him for his leadership, patience and knowledge. We all do! He is a great asset to our family guild!
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May 17 2019
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Back to Barrow-Downs
Took the group back to Barrow downs and finished up 6-7 Deed runs. managed to sneak in the "Executioner of the Wicked" Lore deed also. More deeds next week in the Eastern part of Bree-land. Might go to Lone-lands, stay tuned. V
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May 17 2019
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Lone-Lands Run
We filled the raid frames up. 20+ people for tonight's event. Everyone was moving UI windows around they did know they had. :) The zerg crushed spiders dourhands, orcs and more. Lots of leveling going on. Finished a lot of quests but have a lot more to do. This Zone is huge. Always fun running around with Fog. Join us every Friday @ 6pm for a fun time. V
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May 09 2019
Varder Posted a Battle Recap: Shire Deed run 5-9-19
We had fun completing 6 slayer deed and 2 explorer deed in the shire tonight. With a group of 6 it took us just over 2 hours. Lots of LOTRO points. Filled our bags to the brim too. Thanks all who showed up.
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May 06 2019
Tpeyra Posted a Battle Recap: Fog's event
I had a blast!
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May 05 2019
Burialsoup Posted a Battle Recap: Valnir Rok
A Viking Survival Game that is fun with friends and also not as tedious as some others, crafting overall is not bad and somewhat enjoyable if you like this type of genre.
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May 04 2019
Raschal Posted a Battle Recap: Some Challenges Overcome
The real challenge was Moon Hunter Keep. This was a pretty big challenge even on normal. We were able to tough it out and complete it. Thanks to Verve for tanking and Braelith and Ezra for dealing the damage.
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