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This Rank 60 Rogue joined the Tuatha on June 14, 2019 as a member of Gaiscioch. Schaab is a Tiarna de na Fhiaigh of the Tuatha. They were last seen on February 17, 2011. Schaab is played by Schaab.

Character Sheet:

Name Level Class
Tiarna de na Fhiaigh
60 Rogue



The Story of Schaab

Bane of Maelforge

Before the Civil War, I was a simple man. I lived in the forest in a small hut on the outskirts of town with my wife and two sons. I was famous for my skill with my trusted hunting bow and my knife. Often I would go deep into the mountains to hunt for the most elusive game. Then the war broke out and I joined with Cyril to defeat Aedraxis Mathos. We rushed to the aid of Zeraph. Cyril and I fought side-by-side against Mathos’ undead horde. My bow mixed with his sword. We killed any undead that crossed our paths, until 20 of Mathos’ Elite Guards charged us. I pushed Cyril behind me and told him to go save Zeraph. I silently prayed to Thedeor to guide my arrows to their mark. I fired 3 arrows at once, instantly killing the first rank of Elite Guards. Then I grabbed my knife and threw it into the chest of the closest Guard, but alas, I was overwhelmed and cut down by the Elite Guards.

But the Vigil had other plans for me, and I was resurrected an Ascended. No longer with my time-tested bow I had to make due until I found one suitable. While I was traveling in Silverwood I met a Lady of the Forest, a High Elf. She wielded a bow crafted from the most ancient Shadethorn tree in all of Silverwood, on her back were arrows fletched with the finest swan feathers. I tried to converse with her, but she spirited away into the deep of the woods. Recklessly, I followed her into the forest. Finally, we reached a clearing, where she stopped and sat down on a stump of a Shadethorn tree. “My name is Aiedail.” She said. We exchanged pleasantries and I asked her why she led me to this spot in the forest. She answered, “This is where my bow was made, and her name is Welden skölir. It means Forest Shield in your tongue.” I knew that I had to have a bow like hers, but she read my mind and said, “Only the High Elves may wield a bow like this, it would take you many years of practice before you could even draw the bow.” And so we continued our conversing through the whole night and into the early morning. We talked about everything we each had learned in our time spent in the forests. Then Aiedail suddenly looked and murmured, “My namesake is now visible, look to the North and there you will see Aiedail, The Morning Star.” For days we traveled the forests of Silverwood. There was not a tree we did not climb, a creature we did not see and all was perfect in the world. Within a few short months we were married in the exact same clearing where we first met, and there upon we built our home.
Throughout my travels, I found several blades to replace my old knife, but never did I find a bow as great as the one I wielded alongside Cyril.

Along my travels I met another High Elf named Aisrine. She introduced me to a guild of Ascended known as the Gaiscioch. I instantly became one of the family, as we closed the Rifts of Telara. Warmarshal Foghladha called upon my service one day, in a Siege on Meridian. We fought long and hard against the Defiants, but eventually a messenger ran to Foghladha. We had been tricked! The war between the Guardians and the Defiants was all part of a Dragon Cult plan to overtake Telara.

Warriors rushed home to save their families, but many arrived too late. I mounted my swift mount, Kveykva, and rode for my home in Silverwood. I arrived too late. The Wanton had slain my Morning Star. Rage filled me. I strung my bow and drew back. The arrow flew straight and true, instantly killing the leader of the Wanton invaders. The rest of the Wanton charged, and I fired in an endless beautiful stream. Fire-minion after fire-minion fell before my hail of arrows. When my quiver was finally emptied there were no Wanton left alive. Their corpses slowly burned as their inner flame consumed the massive pile of bodies. I ran to my wife. She lay there, so beautiful even in death.

I burned the home we had built, and I dug a grave right next to the Shadethorn tree stump. Upon her grave I placed a Twilight Bloom. Then I prayed to Tavril to watch over Aiedail. I sat down on the Shadethorn stump and wept. After a few minutes, I looked up and spied Welden skölir, Aiedail’s bow. I picked it up and examined it for damage. The bow was completely unscathed except for a streak of blood on the grip and a scorch mark on the one of the limbs. I tried to draw back the bow and to my surprise, it was easier to draw than the one slung over my shoulder. I nocked one of Aiedail’s swan feathered arrows and aimed at the Shadethorn stump. The arrow whistled as it flew and struck directly in the center of the stump. From that moment on I knew the bow was to be mine. I named the bow Welden Blödh, meaning Forest Blood. And on that very Shadethorn stump where I met Aiedail, I swore an oath to kill every Wanton until Maelforge himself lay dead before my feet.
And so, my friends, the hunt begins.