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Gaiscioch Magazine Issue 7 The Human Connection Now Available


NOVEMBER 30TH, 2015 - The Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community is proud to announce the release of their 7th issue of Gaiscioch Magazine! This player made, volunteer driven magazine focuses on the lives of gamers and developers bringing in depth interviews, game previews, and life lessons to a global audience. In its first year, Gaiscioch Magazine was read more than 91,000 times by more than 15,100 unique readers.

In Issue 7, Gaiscioch Magazine discusses the Human Connection we share as gamers. The issue opens with alook back through 14 years of epic gaming. While community founder, Benjamin "Foghladha" Foley outlines the steps ofmaking a human connection in gaming and takes us back through the history of social gaming.

This issue features Games Foundry discussing with Gaiscioch Magazine, their virtual office development process and the creation of Folk Tale. Ed "Screenager" Orr gives us a fresh perspective on online gaming & financial crime.

For those who enjoy culinary arts, Gaiscioch Magazine is proud to present a 12-page Guild Wars 2 Themed Cookbook by "Chef" Grunt Gristlebone. They additionally feature a beginners guide to raidingand crafting in Guild Wars 2.

In the realm of Elder Scrolls Online, Gaiscioch Magazine takes a first look at Orsinium and publishes its guides on Hel Ra and the Imperial City Dungeons. Closing out the section with a wonderful piece of fiction about Returning Home.

With their eyes on the horizon Gaiscioch Magazine previews Armored Warfare and four rare gems of crowdfunding fans may not have heard about. This issue additionally features reviews of Devlian,Counter Spell, and The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.

In the Gaiscioch Life section you can read about Soren's PAX Prime Adventures, SwordandKeyboard Finds an Escape in Gaming, Jarione's trip to an older lifestyle, Listen to Foghladha's Top 9 Club Gaiscioch albums of Fall 2015. Lastly this magazine features the Legend of Morigana, a tribute to a long time member who passed away this October.

Gaiscioch Magazine continues its quest to bring you the real stories and passions behind gamers and developers. If you have an idea you'd like to share, a game you'd like us to feature, or a story you would like to tell please contact us at: Be sure to visit for the latest magazine articles and gaming news from fan favorite sites around the globe.

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About Gaiscioch Magazine

Gaiscioch Magazine was launched in March 2014 as a quarterly, volunteer driven, no-profit, gaming community magazine aimed at game developers, community managers, and players. It features exclusive interviews, feature stories, guides, perspectives, reviews, previews, and short stories from the Gaiscioch Community.

Our editorial focus is unique in approach, as we focus on the full spectrum of a gamers life. Not just in the games we play, but also in our lives out of game. Words of inspiration lace our digital publication. We feature music, movies, athletics, charity involvement, life perspectives and real world tradecraft including cooking, arts, crafts and business resources.

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About the Gaiscioch Social Gaming Community

The Gaiscioch were founded in 2001 in the MMORPG classic Dark Age of Camelot as a social community based upon Irish folklore. Since its inception the Gaiscioch have grown to over 7,100 members in 74 countries. For more than a decade, they have devoted their community toward creating a fun and enjoyable environment, while using their reach to host public inclusive community events and real world charity events. With a strong focus on community their endgame goal is to create memories, friendships, and participate in the overall success of the community both in game and out. It is through gaming, and social interaction that we forge new friendships and relationships.

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