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Céad Míle Fáilte
(One Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

Welcome traveler, I would like to welcome you to the humble home of the Gaiscíoch (Pronounced: Gosh-Kia) Family and Tuatha Social Gaming Community. Our family began as a social gaming community in the industry pioneering MMORPG Dark Age of Camelot. We began on the Nimue server on November 11th, 2001, with a focus on creating a fun and enjoyable community for players of all ages and skill levels.

The Gaiscíoch takes it's name from the Irish legends found within the "Cét-chath Maige Tuired", "Lebor Gabála Érenn", and "Cath Maige Tuired" which chronicles the first people of Ireland the Tuatha de Danann. Specifically the First Battle of Moyturna where the Tuatha de Danann hand picked the most honorable and loyal warriors to fight along side the Celtic gods in a battle against the Fir Bolg. These Warriors were known as the Gaiscíoch.

With our roots firmly attached in the Celtic Mythological Cycle, the Gaiscíoch hold honor, respect, integrity, and fellowship, over hierarchy and dictatorship. Today the Gaiscíoch family spans many games, sports, and social circles.

We are a social casual gaming community with a relaxed approach toward gaming. We allow our members to play how they want, when they want, as long as they want and do not constrict them with quotas or requirements. It is through gaming, athletic competition, and social interaction that we forge new friendships and relationships.

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Event Calendar

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Here's this week's' upcoming Gaiscioch events. All times Pacific (GMT-8).

Next Event:

Tue, Feb. 9th @ 1:00PM PT:
Prefer to, want to, or need to map clear with other people? Having difficulty making the map clearing events on the weekends? Need to map clear the mid-range maps? Come join us. Twice a week, during the week,

we will be working on clearing 1 or 2 of the mid-range maps (level range 15-60). My events will feature 1 of 11 maps.

Here is the full list of maps my events will be covering:
Brisban Wildlands,
Kessex Hills,
Gendarran Fields,
Harathi Hinterlands,
Lornar's Pass,
Dredgehaunt Cliffs,
Bloodtide Coast,
Timberline Falls,
Fields of Ruin,
Blazeridge Steppes,
Iron Marches,

Today we are working on Fields of Ruin (30-40). We will meet in Divinity's Reach at the Kormir Waypoint for this one.

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Member Stories & Blogs

  • Different route in Queensdale
    By: GmaFog

    Gee Ma Fog decided to just go wherever her feet took her today. We went a totally different and zig zag through the middle of Queensdale - We started at the Village of Shaemoor and went to the Garrison first. We moved out through the Windloss Delves, Queen's Forest, the Hunting lodge, Krytan Free holds, Salma Heath, Orlaf Escarpments, Taminn Foothills and ended up in Godslost Swamp. We fought vets, and the champion; finished hearts, hero points and POIs. We were so busy fighting that some of us forgot about the shinies until we ran over them...

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Feb. 08 @ 04:08 PM
    In Response to: Gma Fog's Leveling The Playing Field

  • Action Report
    By: Breganna

    Security Level: Limited Distribution. Some elements not suited for dissemination.

    Report details filed by: Captain Breganna Mortaine, Inf Squad 328, Codename Havoc Squad.

    Date: 3.4.3640BBY

    Location(s): Republic Transport Esseles, Coruscant, Taris

    Copies to: General Garza, Supreme Commander Rans, SIS

    Report Begins

    Boarded Esseles at 20:15 for transport to Coruscant. No indications from passengers or crew of any possible issues during flight...

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Feb. 07 @ 04:18 AM
    In Response to: SWTOR flashpoints

  • Vet Darkshade + Vet Fungal Grotto dungeon runs
    By: Pyr0

    with a quick venture into nonvet FG in between by accident. Lots of laurels, no helms tho... :(

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Feb. 06 @ 12:20 PM
    In Response to: Un-Scheduled Timed Event

  • Another good time in Plains of Ashford
    By: GmaFog

    We finished the south and east perimeters of Plains of Ashford today. Started on the North perimeter and finished up to the Harpy heart. We will start back by the Ascalon City Waypoint to get the hero point in the lake. Then will head back to the northern perimeter and then into the middle areas. Thank you all for making this a laid-back and fun event for me to lead!

    » Read Full Story | Posted: Feb. 03 @ 03:57 PM
    In Response to: Leveling Further With Gma Fog

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