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How-to Guides & Important Locations By Zone

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Recent Discoveries

History & Lore: Waaagh! Magic
Discovered At: x: 30000, y: 33000 in Barak Varr by: Sistermarie
Notes: Click on the dead orc body
Boss Lair: Lair of Reaver
Discovered At: x: 1540, y: 22120 in Barak Varr by: Fregara
Notes: Karerg the Reaver is in a cave to which you must swim. What appears to be the door is actually a false front. Jump down the cliff in front of the door, navigate behind the rocks and logs, and swim back to the cave entrance to find him. He is a level 40 champion and is not guarded, but do not let him pass you and get into the water or he resets.
Trophy Item Unlock: Dwarf class specific trophy
Discovered At: x: 25000, y: 38000 in Ekrund by: Sistermarie
Notes: Go to "Pick and Goggles" tavern in beginning area of dwarf starter zone acquire quest "Diggers Duds" complete quest (3 parts) and return to original quest giver (an elf in the far left corner at bar) for your race specific trophy.
History & Lore: Isolated Settlements (Alt)
Discovered At: x: 14000, y: 50000 in Nordland by: Gabale
Notes: Behind the tent near where you spawn at game start is a dead man (identified as Midnight Rider).
History & Lore: Cult of the Plaguesworn
Discovered At: x: 42000, y: 57000 in Troll Country by: Gabale
Notes: On the southeast side of the Grave Diggers PQ, just walk into the water. Located by the water's edge.
History & Lore: Scarce Resources
Discovered At: x: 22000, y: 52000 in Troll Country by: Gabale
Notes: On the west side of The Blighted Farm PQ is a burning house. Walk in-between the small area where the house and the cart next to it are at.
History & Lore: Mannslieb and Morrslieb
Discovered At: x: 17000, y: 55000 in Troll Country by: Gabale
Notes: Outside of Felde Castle towards the RvR lake, there is a Very Large Telescope up on a partially crumbled section of wall. You will need to look up with your camera to see it. Hug the west side of the wall and stand partially on the rock to just slightly come within range of the telescope to use it.
History & Lore: Sacred Totems
Discovered At: x: 38000, y: 46000 in Troll Country by: Gabale
Notes: In the southern part of Trovolek there are 3 wooden eagle-like totems on the beach, walk near them.
History & Lore: The End Times
Discovered At: x: 34000, y: 32000 in Troll Country by: Gabale
Notes: Located among the Great Eagle Nests (Major Landmark), there is a nest near the ledge to the your right while going up the long hill. There is a book, which is mostly obscured by the nest, titled "This Will Be Your Doom". Interact with the book.
History & Lore: Soulblight Stone
Discovered At: x: 50000, y: 54000 in Troll Country by: Gabale
Notes: This unlock is in-between Slayer's Demise PQ and Plague Trolls PQ. Beside a large rock are a group of Maurauder corpses, one of the them can be clicked on (Dead Maurauder).
History & Lore: Nurgle
Discovered At: x: 51000, y: 30000 in Troll Country by: Gabale
Notes: Middle of Lursa's Blight PQ on top of the hill. Walk up to the Nurgle Symbol to get it.
Title Unlock: Death in Green and Brown
Discovered At: x: 7000, y: 51000 in Ostland by: Oooghaa
Notes: Go into this area and look for Sheen Gloomleaf, Slay her, and head to Altdorf. Go to the library and look for Mandred Vog, buy the Shawl Of Spring from him.
Noteworthy Person: The Cult of Sigmar
Discovered At: x: 12000, y: 53000 in Troll Country by: Oooghaa
Notes: Just wander in close to this area and you will uncover it.
History & Lore: The Underworld Sea
Discovered At: x: 1000, y: 9000 in Eataine by: Drogan
Notes: Click on the "Locked chest" on the shoreline of Eataine at 1350, 8950 to unlock "The Underworld Sea".
History & Lore: High Elf Colonies
Discovered At: x: 1000, y: 11000 in Eataine by: Drogan
Notes: Click on the "Small campfire remains" near the treed area on the cliff overlooking the water (370, 11050).
Noteworthy Person: Presbyter Fromme
Discovered At: x: 39000, y: 61000 in Troll Country by: Wravyn
Noteworthy Person: Teodor Hennshel
Discovered At: x: 35000, y: 57000 in High Pass by: Wravyn
Notes: Met upon entering High Pass.
Trophy Item Unlock: Thick Headed
Discovered At: x: 1000, y: 28000 in Praag by: Lothien
Notes: Kill Grentic the Thick-Headed at these coordinates to unlock Writhing Shackles, that can be claimed at Altdorf Library
Title Unlock: The Explorer
Discovered At: x: 44000, y: 2000 in Dragonwake by: Gilfar
Notes: Drop to the ledge that contains the plunger, click on the plunger and receive the title.
Title Unlock: The Hobbyist
Discovered At: x: 60000, y: 25000 in West Praag by: Gilfar
Notes: Click on the plunger between the tree and the ruined tower to get the title.
Pocket Item Unlock: A Lucky Wyvern's Foot
Discovered At: x: 63000, y: 51000 in Black Crag by: Drogan
Notes: At 63k, 51k you will find a Dangling Rope against the cliff wall. Click to accept the quest and click again to complete to receive the Lucky Wyvern's Foot.
History & Lore: Treatise of Dire Caution
Discovered At: x: 7000, y: 19000 in Inevitable City by: Stean
Notes: In doing the Inevitable City raid, while waiting for a gate to come down in the Lycaeum, there is a stack of books to the right. Interact with that stack.
History & Lore: Gift of the Gods
Discovered At: x: 49000, y: 42000 in Misc. by: Drogan
Notes: Click on the "Destroyed Desk" located in a tent within the Marauder Camp south of Tannebach's Doom.
Title Unlock: The Scared
Discovered At: x: 62000, y: 38000 in Kadrin Valley by: Mortxox
Notes: 61k,41k on destro side there is a mine entrance, go in to mine go left thru door folow path. go up when you see ramps up ... level 38 champ. kill get title and unlock.
Tome Tactic Unlock: Sepiic Sanitation
Discovered At: x: 62000, y: 38000 in Kadrin Valley by: Mortxox
Notes: 61k,41k on destro side there is a mine entrance, go in to mine go left thru door folow path. go up when you see ramps up ... level 19 hero wanders. kill get title and tactic unlock.