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The Battle For

Below you will find a list of the top contenders who are battling for the two chapter slots of the Gaisicoch Family. Each Game will feature it's latest trailer, News from Gaiscioch Magazine, and a feature list compiled as information is available. Please choose from this list your top 3 favorite choices and feel free to update them over time. As we move forward we will add new contenders and drop contenders who do not meet our minimum requirements.

Please choose 3 title you would like to see us explore.

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Current Results:

  1. 496 (INF%)
    Guild Wars 2
  2. 373 (INF%)
    Camelot Unchained
  3. 319 (INF%)
    Elder Scrolls Online
  4. 206 (INF%)
    Everquest Next
  5. 146 (INF%)
    Black Desert
  6. 70 (INF%)
  7. 41 (INF%)
    Bless Online
  8. 21 (INF%)
    Land of Britain
  9. 14 (INF%)
    Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
  10. 10 (INF%)
    Dragons Dogma Online
  11. 5 (INF%)
    Monster Hunter Online
  12. 5 (INF%)
    Shards Online
  13. 4 (INF%)
    Lineage Eternal
  14. 3 (INF%)
    Kingdom Under Fire
  15. 1 (INF%)
    Project Gorgon