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Siege Battles w/ Tuatha - Foghladha [Lv800+]
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beast lord boss fight info

Seaimpin de na Aracos
Seaimpin de na Aracos
Posted On: 02/19/2018 at 04:24 PM



Order Vendor - Ellyrion Herdmaster - Altdorf near mount vendors Destro Vendor - Druchii Beastmaster - Inevitable City near mount vendors
Lair Bosses Ursine Domina - West Praag - Waterfall north of the Sundered Fortress Bramble Witch - Chaos Wastes - RvR area north of Thaugamond Massif Snizzort - Death Peak - Bristle Cavern Khorgash Manbreaker - Reikland - Heinreich Passage Skarlok - Dragonwake - Caladain Cavern
Order Questgivers Markus Wulfhart - Praag ch18 camp Wild Jade Wizard - Chaos Wastes ch22 camp Bergul Redhammer - Thunder Mountain ch19 camp Sigrid Widmann - Reikland ch16 camp Caradhrel Lightspinner - Eataine ch16 camp
Destruction Questgivers Karrig the Despoiler - Praag ch17 camp Brolgr - Chaos Wastes ch15 camp Boldug - Thunder Mountain ch19 camp Vilhjamur Godbane - Reikland ch22 camp Wrenthian Darktide - Eataine ch20 camp
October 11, 2017


Beastlord bosses and how to PWN thier faces easy!!(edited)
SNIZZORT- tank him agains the wall on the platform he is on healers in the room with you when he says the word meats knock him down and burn him hard... if you dont knock him down he will heal at an incredible rate... heal debuffing helps reduce this healing icase you miss the knockdown... this boss hits really hard and has a massive aoe so just be ready to lose one of your dps classes... happens almost every run and is pretty much unavoidable... he will yell smash and AOE slam the ground causing huge damage to those around him... just have to weather the storm and beat him down(edited)
SKARLOK- clear the champoin scorpions out of the room away from him as best you can tank aggros him on the right side of the room as you face him keep adds separated as they will heal skarlk if you dont... this can be accomplished by the offtank throwing a simple aoe taunt... other then that straight tank and spank(edited)
URSINE DOMINA- need WP for aoe group cleanse keep heals and ranged dps on the rock next to the water tank him out in the pond away from your ranged group his debuff heals him make sure to cleanse this off your dps and tanks.. other then that straight tank and spank... if you dont have a WP for aoe cleanse this fight can be more complicated to complete... your healers MUST cleanse the debuff off your melee hitting the boss... heal debuffs also assist in this matter(edited)
KHORGASH MANBREAKER- tank him on the right wall near the wooden structures by the shamans kill the shamans before you start the fight after the pull the tank holds aggro make sure when the shamans respawn to hit them to put them into offensive mode so they dont heal khorgash tanking him inside the room will stop him from gaining a massive damage bonus other then that straight tank and spank(edited)
BRAMBLE WITCH- pull her through the back of the bramble next to the big vine when she says my seeds take root you must taunt her or she heals bigtime when she says the word succumb knock her down or she will AOE and oneshot your tank... heals and ranged stay on the hill to avoid aoe(edited)
for best results and quickest runs make sure your main tank has a 0% chance to be crit and have an aoe cleanse in your group to simplify with any boss fight have your off tank cross guard with your main tank to control aggro... main tank should ALWAYS be running menace tactic to keep aggro under control.. if you come up to a boss and he is down... target him and check for a buff below his healthbar... the respawn timer is the time on this buff + roughly 1 hour... most bosses respawn within 3 hours of being killed... any questions regarding these bosses please feel free to ask Krunched anytime... i hope this guide helps you in your adventures... best of luck to you on these bosses!!(edited)
if you are running these bosses and you have people in your group that are confused or have never done these fights... simply highlight the description of the boss you intend on beating down... right click the highlighted area and click copy... return to your game and in your party chat window press Ctrl+V it will paste the description above for all to read... enjoy guys!!

Last Edited on: 03/07/2018 at 12:44 PM
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Siege Battles w/ Tuatha - Foghladha [Lv800+]
Conqueror's Blade     10
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