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Sunday Morning Story Modes

Tiarna de na Aracos Corcra
Tiarna de na Aracos Corcra
  • ESO: @Twilah_Sylver
Posted On: 06/14/2013 at 05:01 AM
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Rehashing the old open format, and for now using the morning time slot.  If we don't get enough folks for full groups we will do a zone event, in the Lore in your Coffee style.

Sunday morning event for any Gaiscioch wanting story mode dungeons only. Meet Twilah in the roleplay room of Raidcall to coordinate who needs what and then grouping accordingly. The purpose of this group is to help facilitate people's advancement through story mode dungeons without pugging and getting to know your guildmates in a smaller group format.

I'd like to try this for a couple reasons.   First I think it might help the casual players have an opportunity to get to know some of their guildmates a little better since it is a small group as opposed to a zerg event.  Second, the story mode groups get a little harder to find now that max level characters are focusing on the explorables.  This gives people interested a chance to discuss lore and be patient through cutscenes, especially if players are new to dungeons or learning a new class.

Minimum level of character is 30.  We will do what the majority of participants need to complete!  Dungeon level breakdown for Story Modes:

30 Ascalonian Catacombs ~ located in Plains of Ashford

40 Caudecu's Manor ~ located in Queensdale

50 Twilight Arbor ~ located in Caledon Forest

60 Sorrow's Embrace ~ located in Dredgehaunt Cliffs

70 Citadel of Flame ~ located in Fireheart Rise

76 Honor the Waves ~ located in Frostgorge Sound

78 Crucible of Eternity ~ located in Mount Malestorm

80 The Ruined City of Arah* ~ located in Cursed Shore

*Arah is subject to the gates being open after successful completion of an @3 hour event.

If you are going to request a particular dungeon, have a waypoint in the zone ahead of time so we can start as quickly as possible.  Story mode dungeons follow the tale of Destiny's Edge and are a great way to witness and learn a lot of the politics and lore that affect the game stories.  Explorable dungeons are basically what happens "after" the story mode has occured.


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