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Drops - Q&A w/ Foghladha [Lv620+] of Gaiscioch
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Notice Regarding Ascended Vendoring Recipe Prices

Caomhnoir de na Aracos Corcra
Caomhnoir de na Aracos Corcra
  • GW2: Sigmund Northwind.3478
Posted On: 03/03/2017 at 01:37 PM
  • Twitch

There have been some recent changes to how we buy ascended gear, (specifically weapons and armor), from vendors in the Fractals and PvP lobby areas.  We are now required to craft some items, called Marks, that are used as a type of currency by the vendors.  In order to craft these Marks, recipes have to be purchased from the vendors.  While these Mark recipes are the same from either vendor, the currencies used to buy them are NOT the same.  In PvP they cost 10 PvP League Tickets, while in the Fractals lobby they cost 10 Pristine Fractal Relics. It's worth noting that currently we can only earn PvP League Tickets from PvP Season rewards, while Pristine Relics are available anytime.

Last Edited on: 03/04/2017 at 07:13 AM
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Caomhnoir de na Aracos
Caomhnoir de na Aracos
  • GW2: monk seal.8079
Replied On: 03/03/2017 at 03:17 PM PST
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Drops - Q&A w/ Foghladha [Lv620+] of Gaiscioch
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