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How to Mystic Forge - A Guide

Ridire de na Fhiaigh Buí
Ridire de na Fhiaigh Buí
  • GW2: susulemon.3204
Posted On: 10/18/2012 at 11:43 AM

There has been many posts on this forum about what you can do with the mystic forge, from making salvage kits, upgrading crafting components, to making legendary weapons. I decided to just point out the key features of the mystic forge that I think most people would be interested in, and point them towards the information which is vastly available on the wiki.


What you can do with the Mystic Forge (Ordered from what I find interesting to least :D):


- Create exotic weapons.

I am not just talking about "Mystic Weapons", which are really affordable lv80 exotics that you can make with the forge (, but also "Unique Weapons", these are really good looking exotic weapons that people can consider going for instead of the insanely priced legendary weapons  

The one above is the Foefire's Greatsword, which represents the same model of Guardian's Sword of Justice ultility skill, but you get to swing it :D

 The one above is Volcanus, flaming great sword! Not lengendary, but still pretty decent looking for an exotic!


There MANY more of these available on the wiki, for instance the Icy Dragon Sword that dates back to GW1..etc

So just this part alone, can be pretty exciting to many people I believe.


- Create Lengendary Weapons

Not much to say about this, most people know this, but few can afford it in the short run:

I will have a dedicated post for legendary weapons outside of this one.


- Item Promotion

There is a vast amount of promotions you can do, from upgradint materials, fine craft materials, gems to the next tier, or siege weapons (WvW fans look here! Superior siege weapons deal 40% more damage, and requires 20% more resources)


In most cases, this is useful for turning mithiril ore into Ori, potent blood into powerful blood, and getting those cores into the respective lodetones.


-Food trays and food feasts

When you want to bring a feast to the family events


-Mystic Salvage Kit

Pretty much a 250 time use Master Salvage Kit, but the ingridient requires Mystic Forge Stones which is a Gem store object, legends says that if you defeat the Shatterer dragon you have a chance to obtain these crystals from the Dragon Chest.



Have you by the chance seen a friend turn into a bush, a chair or a Jackalope?


Don't rely on the randomness of Mystery Tonics from Black Lion Chests, craft your OWN.

With that said, I don't know how to create "Endless Mystery Tonic", which I think is the one that turn you into trees or furnitures..


This concludes the short guide to Mystic Forge use.


» Edited on: 2012-10-18 14:25:05

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