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[Informational] What in the lore?! A Guide to FFXIV:ARR Lore!

Tiarna de na Iomproidh Gorm
Tiarna de na Iomproidh Gorm
Posted On: 07/07/2013 at 07:08 PM
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Greetings family,

For those curious about the lore and want to immerse themselves in it completely, or for those who just want to know more about the game they are so excited to play!


Pookersthedruid has put together a ridiculas amount of video's explaining everything about the game and it's lore! Feel free to watch these to immerse yourself into the game, and gain a deeper understand about the world of Eorzea!


I have included the links to manually view the videos to avoid clogging the thread with a ton of embedded videos!

What In The Lore is the Garlean Empire?! 


What In The Lore are Guilds?!


What In The Lore are The Twelve?!


What In The Lore are Beast Tribes?!


What In The Lore are Padjal?!


What In The Lore are Roegadyn?!


What In The Lore are Miqo'te?!


What In The Lore are Elezen?!


What In The Lore are Hyur?!


What In The Lore are Lalafell?!




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