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Gaiscioch Family Overview Video

Taoiseach de na Arach Glas
Taoiseach de na Arach Glas
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Posted On: 08/10/2013 at 01:36 PM
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The Gaiscíoch Family
• Based off Irish folklore.
• Founded in 2001 as a social gaming community focused on community building.
• Designed to unify, and encourage memory making & relationship building.
• Focused Approach targeting no more than 2 games at a time.
• Exists only in fantasy genre games.
• Play an active part in communities and real world charities.
• Provide an epic experience for all within our gaming realm.

The Gaiscíoch Legend
• They came from Falias, Findias, Gorias, and Murias.
• They were chosen by the Tuatha Dé Danann.
• Their duty was the proection of the people of Éire .
• They fought along side the Tuatha Dé Danann as protectors.
• They protected the Fir Bolg even when they considered them enemies.
• Their honor, integrity, respect, and fellowship was unmatched.
• Legend shared with me by my family as a child.

Gaiscíoch History
• Founded november 11th 2001 in Dark Age of Camelot.
• The dark age of Gaiscíoch 2006 - 2008
• Reborn in Warhammer Online in 2008
• Public community events gained media attention.
• Membership grew to over 700 members.
• Migrated to rift in 2011 and began developer relationship building.
• The death of a man and the birth of a Legend.
• Gaiscíoch follows Oldroars dream to Guild Wars 2 in 2012

Gaiscíoch Mission
• To create a fun and enjoyable experience for our server communities.
• Focused on making memories and building relationships.
• Host large scale public community events open to all
• Be an inclusive source of entertainment.
• Do that which others deem impossible or worthless.
• Be a friend for the people who are left out, overlooked, and discarded.
• Act with honor, integrity, respect, and fellowship.
• Play an active role in the community in game and out.
• Support local charities in helping children get the most out of life.

Branch Selection
• Must be able to build developer relations
• Must be fantasy based (Swords, Bows, Staves).
• Must have siege warfare & epic raids.
• Must be able to host large scale public community adventures (100+ People).
• Possess a rich story, innovative crafting, and vast explorable terrain.
• Must allow large guilds (1000+ People)
• Must have 250 people interested before open beta to consider.
• Will not expand into more than 2 games at a time. Preferably 1 at a time.
• Games are evaluated on a 250+ line item criteria which is provided to the developer during development. Scores above 65% are considered potentials.

Community Involvement
• Gaiscíoch has supported children's charities since 2011.
• We reward players for participating in charity events.
• We have placed in the Top 25 Contributors Worldwide since 2011 during the Extra Life Event.
• We have sent more than 800 stuffed animals to various charities around the United States.
• We are committed to giving children a chance to share epic adventures of their own.

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"It's not the loot and accolades you walk away with, it's the memories and friendships that you cherish forever." - Foghladha
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Ban Seaimpin de na Iolair
Ban Seaimpin de na Iolair
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Replied On: 08/12/2013 at 02:08 PM PDT
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Thanks for posting this :) Thanks for all the hard work that you do for us, Fog.  Thanks also for taking the time to explain it all out for the family.  It was really interesting to hear all the information in the video, especially the legend of the Giascioch as well as the history of the Gaiscioch family.  I have such love and respect for the family, you all are just awesome.   Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of the family.

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