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Great Teamwork in Blood and Steel tonight!

Seaimpin de na Iomproidh Corcra
Seaimpin de na Iomproidh Corcra
  • ESO: @Rudyard
Posted On: 03/30/2015 at 08:35 PM

I've just got to come on here and brag on the folks we had out in the Blood and Steel AvA event tonight!  Great work taking two resources at once at Faregyl and quickly taking the third to send the Aldmeri Dominion into a panic mode. They were pushing Arrius and though our seige of Faregyl eventually got overwhelmed by AD, we effectively pulled enough AD away from our home keeps and put them on defense.

After that, we had some excellent, excellent group work, pushing several flanks, moving up, moving back, and rolling up a flank at least five times. Great heals, great movement together, overall a great experience!

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Curadh de na Capall Oráiste
Curadh de na Capall Oráiste
  • ESO: @de.la_Dude
Replied On: 03/31/2015 at 11:45 AM PDT

Indeed, that was a lot of fun! I particularly enjoyed the flanking and open field coordination. Helping to push back the zerg as a pre-vet really pumps up the ego!

I've been running with a lot of pugs on Blackwater recently (I was actually in one up until I joined our event) and oh myyyy - the difference good teamwork and communication makes can not be understated! 

A strong leader always helps too. Thanks Deacon


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Curadh de na Iomproidh Oráiste
Curadh de na Iomproidh Oráiste
  • ESO: @amalmer1
Replied On: 04/01/2015 at 05:27 AM PDT

That was pretty fun.  I believe that was the first time I really was just out in the open fighting like that for that long of a period.

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Saighdiuir de na Iomproidh
Saighdiuir de na Iomproidh
  • ESO: @Warpoet27
Replied On: 04/02/2015 at 05:06 PM PDT


AvA with you has led to some of the most fun moments I've had in game. I would suggest that anyone with any interest in ESO PvO come and join Deacon's event. Always an exciting and fun time.

Warpoet27 (Coldstar)

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